Installing MAMPserver locally on your Mac:

  1. Download MAMP: (free download, not Pro)
  2. Locate the installers for your Mac. Unzip the MAMP zip file and run the installer MAMP_2.1.4.pkg. Accept the license and the default installation path.
  3. Open the MAMP folder in your Applications directory and launch MAMP. Run MAMP and not MAMP Pro. Click on preferences and change your Apache port to 80 and your MYSQL port to 3306.
  4. Click Start Servers. You should see the following:
  5. Your default browser should open. You should see the default MAMP screen.
  6. Click on the link to PhpMyAdmin.
    1. Login: Username = ‘root’ Password = blank by default**
      ** This is not secure and should be changed at some point after the workshop has ended.
    2. Click on the Databases tab.
    3. Create a new database and give it a name (e.g. ‘wordpress’). Make note of the database name as you will need to use it in the Wordpress installation. Your screen should look like this:
  7. Download the latest version of Wordpress (4.0). Extract the zipfile.
  8. Copy the CONTENTS of the extracted \wordpress directory into the \htdocs folder of your installed MAMP directory, i.e. into Applications\MAMP\htdocs\
  9. Edit your Hosts file to configure the localhost name.
    1. Go to Applications\Utilities or the task bar and open Terminal. 
    2. Type the following:  sudo nano /private/etc/hosts   . It may ask for your password to continue.
      1. At the bottom of the list of hosts, type and then your database name, e.g. ‘wordpress’:           wordpress
      2. Hit “control + x” to exit the menu. Enter “Y” and enter to save changes.
    3. Go back to your MAMP folder into \htdocs. Copy the file “wp-config-sample.php” file to “wp-config.php”. Open wp-config.php in TextEdit or another text editor.
      1. Change the values for your database name and leave the other options alone if you have not changed the root username or password. Exit and save the file.

Installing Wordpress on your local MAC:

  1. In your default browser type the following address into the address bar: //localhost/wordpress
    1. Run the install. You will need to provide the following information:
      1. Site Title – name of your wordpress site
      2. Username for admin access
      3. Password for admin access
      4. Admin email address
    2. Click Install Wordpress. The installer should complete and prompt you with a login screen. Test your login and see if you can access the Wordpress dashboard.