Our goal is to support Villanova's digital scholarship community. We believe that the digital humanities movement is important to the future of humanities scholarship and we want to help foster an environment in which digital projects can thrive. More broadly, digital scholarship has become increasingly important as digital tools and technologies become more and more integrated with everyday scholarship. As librarians and library staff, we see supporting these projects as part of our ongoing mission, not just to curate collections but to collaborate on content creation. To that end, we will provide two levels of support for digital projects: consultation and hosting.

Consultation Services

We will be happy to meet with you at any stage of your digital scholarship project, whether it's just a vague idea or a published project. Topics to consider:

  • Refining your idea
  • Collaboration
  • Software/platform recommendations
  • Marketing your project (through social media, listservs, blogs, etc.)
  • Maintaining your project after the launch

Embedded Project Support

We also offer embedded project support, in which we will take a more active role in your project. Projects will be hosted on the library website and promoted within our digital scholarship page. In addition, we will offer consulting services throughout the course of the project, depending on your needs. For classroom projects, we provide class experiences such as a visit to Special Collections, a tour/demonstration of our Digital Library scanning operations, and other hands-on possibilities.

Due to the depth of service provided and our limited staff resources, we are only able to offer these full project support services to one project per regular academic semester. If you are interested, please submit an application (PDF) to digitalhumanities@villanova.edu.

Past Projects

You can view examples of projects we have worked on previously here.