This guide is intended to serve as an aid to understanding the familial relationships of key people and places mentioned mostly in Series VII: Sarah Barry Hayes and Series XLI: Narciso Moran, and scattered throughout the Barry-Hayes papers.

Hayes Family

  • Patrick Hayes (1770-1856) and Elizabeth Keen Hayes (1764-1853)

Irish-born nephew and “adopted son” of Commodore John Barry. Merchant and ship’s captain. Prominent Irish-Catholic Philadelphian – member of St. Marys and St. Augustine’s churches, and Friendly Sons of St. Patrick. Trusted supercargo for John Leamy.

  • John Barry Hayes (1796-1807)
  • Sarah Barry Hayes (1798-1821)
  • Thomas Hayes (1801-1849)
  • Isaac Austin Hayes (1802-1839) (Known as Austin)
  • Patrick Barry (1809-1863) (Known as Barry)

Moran Family

  • Blas Moran (d. 1812?) and Josefa Rodriguez de Moran

Based on items in the collection, Blas seems to be an associate/partner of Patrick Hayes. The family is based in Havana, Cuba.  He may have died in 1812, his oldest son Francis seems to take his place in the business.

  • Francisco (Francis/Pancho) Moran y Vidal-Rodriguez

Married Francisca Xaviera Seidel y Caballero in the Catedral de la Habana, April 7, 1815

  • Gregorio Moran y Vidal-Rodriguez

Married Juana Seidel y Caballero in the Catedral de la Habana, May 17 (or 18), 1819

  • Joseph (José/Pepe) Moran

In their earliest letters to Sarah Barry Hayes and Elizabeth Hayes, J & N are in school at Mount Airy College in Germantown/Mount Airy, Philadelphia (1816-1818). Joseph is then placed in Bordeaux, France for work (1818-1819). He is in a romantic relationship with Sarah Barry Hayes.

  • Narciso Moran

See above. J & N often write together (before J goes to Bordeaux).

  • Blas J. Moran

Attending Clermont Seminary in Germantown, 1818-1819.

  • Clarita Moran?
  • Teresa Moran?

Antonio/Anthony Seidel  - probably Antonio Seidel y Caballero, son of Antonio Seidel y Preumonteux and second wife Maria Gregoria Caballero y Rodriguez de la Barrera (making him a brother of Xaviera and Juana). Married Dec 19 1832 to Maria Dolores Pedroso y Herrera.
Schoolmate/similar in age to Blas J., also attending Clermont Seminary in Germantown.

Historias de familias Cubanos – p. 277 – Seidel.

Leamy Family

  • John Leamy (1757-1839) and Elizabeth Doughty

Prominent Irish-Catholic Philadelphian – member of St. Mary’s and St. Augustine’s churches (instrumental in the Hogan Schism), and Friendly Sons of St. Patrick. Born in Ireland, educated in Spain. Accumulated substantial wealth through trade with Spanish Empire, Cuba, and South America (credited with being the first to open trade in Rio de la Plata).

  • Margaret (b. 1794)
  • John Anthony (b. 1796)
  • Louisa (1798-1823)
  • Anna (b. 1800)
  • Elizabeth H.

The younger daughters of Leamy were close in age and friendly/social with Sarah Barry Hayes.

Salvucci, Linda K. "John Leamy's Atlantic Worlds: Trade, Religion, and Imperial Transformations in the Spanish Empire and Early Republican Philadelphia." U.S. Catholic Historian 38, no. 1 (2020): 1-24.

Cottringer Family

  • Garrett Cottringer (1759-1816) and Bridget Cullen Cottringer

Garrett was also a prominent Irish-Catholic and member at both St. Mary’s and St. Augustine’s churches in Philadelphia

  • Caroline Cottringer (1796-1877)
  • William Cottringer (b. 1798)
  • Harriet Cottringer (1799-1865)

Sarah’s best friend. Moved to Alexandria, VA with her mother and sisters after father’s death to open a boarding house/school. She married Robert Young Brent in 1824, son of Robert Brent, first mayor of Washington, DC. She named one of her children Sarah Hayes Brent (1830-1862).

  • Ann Cottringer (1800-1892)
  • Cornelia Cottringer (1805-1874)
  • Betsy Cottringer ?


Harriet and her sisters are mentioned several times in the diary of Charles Francis Adams (son of John Quincy Adams) in 1823-1824.

Montgomery Family

  •     William Montgomery (1752-1831) m. Rachel Harvey Montgomery (1763-April 30, 1819)

   -a shipping merchant
        - 10 children, 4 died in infancy, 1 in youth, 5 married with children
            - Mary married Dr. Charles D. Meigs
                - their son, Montgomery C. Meigs was a General in the American Civil War.



  • B. Constant - a Frenchman, who took over Mount Airy Seminary in 1813, and ran it as Mount Airy College.