Early Years: 1820 - 1860

February 8, 1820

William Tecumseh Sherman born in Lancaster, OH

October 4, 1824

Ellen Boyle Ewing born in Lancaster, OH.


Sherman becomes Senator Thomas Ewing’s ward


Sherman graduates from West Point


Born:  Alexander (“Mont”) Montgomery Thackara

May 1, 1850

Sherman marries Ellen Ewing in her father’s Washington, D.C. home

January 18, 1851

Born:  Maria (“Minnie) Ewing Sherman

March 17, 1852

Born:  Mary Elizabeth (“Lizzie”) Sherman

June 8, 1854

Born:  William Tecumseh Sherman, Jr.

October 12, 1856

Born:  Thomas Ewing Sherman


Sherman becomes the first superintendent of the Louisiana State Seminary of Learning & Military Academy in Pineville, Louisiana

September 5, 1859

Born:  Eleanor (“Ellie”) Mary Sherman

Civil War Years: 1861 – 1866

April 12, 1861

The Civil War begins

July 5, 1861

Born:  Rachel Ewing Sherman


Mont enters the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis

October 10, 1863

Died: William Tecumseh Sherman, Jr.; aged 9 years old

March 9, 1864

General Ulysses Grant places Sherman in charge of the Union troops in west

June 11, 1864

Born:  Charles Celestine Sherman

September 2, 1864

Sherman’s troops capture Atlanta, Georgia

December 4, 1864

Died:  Charles Celestine Sherman; aged 10 months

December 21, 1864

Sherman and his troops reach Savannah, Georgia

April 15, 1865

President Abraham Lincoln dies

April 18, 1865

Confederate Gen. Joseph E. Johnston surrenders to Sherman, ending the Civil War

Years of Transition: 1866 – 1874

July 25, 1866

Sherman appointed to Lieutenant General of the Army


Thomas attending St. Louis University

January 9, 1867

Born:  Philemon (“Cumpy”) Tecumseh Sherman


President Grant appoints Sherman to Commanding General of the United States Army


Mont graduates from Annapolis


Mont oversees in Europe, Japan, Java, and Panama


Wedding Julia E. Thackara (Mont’s sister) to Dr. W. Penn Buck


Minnie travels throughout Europe; meets Lieutenant Thomas W. Fitch in London

May 29, 1873

Wedding Charles Thackara (Mont’s brother) to Ida McLellan


Wedding:  Maria Ewing Sherman to Thomas W. Fitch

Stateside Years: 1878 – 1890

June 1878

Thomas Ewing Sherman decides to become a Jesuit priest, causing great distress to his father


Mont is introduced to Ellie in Washington, D.C.

May 5, 1880

Wedding:  Eleanor Mary Sherman to Alexander Montgomery Thackara


Mont retires from the Navy and works for his father’s business, Thackara, Sons & Co.; Sherman Thackara family lives in Rosemont, PA for three years (1881 – 1884)

January 18, 1881

Born Mary Elizabeth Thackara

November 1, 1883

Sherman steps down as commanding general

February 8, 1884

Sherman retires from the army and with Ellen, moves to New York City


Philemon graduates from St. Louis University


Born:  William Tecumseh Sherman Thackara


Philemon graduates from Yale University with a Bachelor of Philosophy

November 28, 1888

Died:  Ellen Ewing Sherman; aged 64 years old

July 9, 1889

Thomas is ordained a priest in Philadelphia.  His father, General Sherman, is noticeably missing from the occasion

February 1891

Died:  General William T. Sherman; aged 71 years old

Traveling: 1891-1892

June 1891

Ellie travels throughout Canada and writes a newspaper article about her “summer jaunt

December 12, 1891

Wedding:  Rachel Ewing Sherman to Dr. Paul Thorndike in Washington, D.C.


Ellie travels throughout Europe

Living in Europe: 1897-1937

September 15, 1896

Died:  Benjamin Thackara of heart failure

October 6, 1896

Died:  Mary A. Thackara


Philemon graduates from Columbia University with a degree in law


Philemon starts practicing law in New York City


Mont is reassigned and serves as Consul General in Berlin


With Mont’s appointment to Berlin, Ellie in turn receives her own recognition:  She is elected President of the American Women’s Club, a position generally offered to an ambassador’s wife


William Thackara graduates from Harvard


President Woodrow Wilson appoints Mont to be Consul General in Paris

November 22, 1913

Died:  Maria Ewing Sherman Fitch; aged 62 years old

July 1914

World War I begins


William T. Sherman Thackara serves in Naval Intelligence in Argentina


Ellie works with the Red Cross on the Serbian relief effort

April 1915

Ellie becomes seriously ill

Spring 1915

At this time, both Lex and William are abroad- Lex in New York and William in Buenos Aires

July 18, 1915

Died:  Eleanor Mary Sherman Thackara in Paris; aged 55 years old.  Around this time, Ellie receives a letter of thanks from the King of Serbia for her efforts with the Red Cross.  Mont and their two daughters Eleanor and Elizabeth, are by her side when Ellie passes away

August 28, 1915

Died: Charles Thackara

January 31, 1917

Wedding:  Eleanor Sherman Thackara to Frederic Cauldwell in Rosemont, PA

October 26, 1919

Died:  Rachel Ewing Sherman Thorndike; aged 58 years old


Mont given the Croix de Guerre award, but cannot accept it for another 14 years because of his status as a government employee

December 27, 1921

Died:  Alexander (“Lex”) Montgomery Thackara, Jr., in London

August 1924

Mont retires as the Consul General in Paris and is replaced by Robert P. Skinner

April 6, 1925

Died:  Mary Elizabeth (“Lizzie”) Sherman; aged 73 years old

April 29, 1933

Died:  Thomas Ewing Sherman in New Orleans, LA; aged 76 years old

October 24, 1934

Mont allowed to accept his Croix de Guerre award as a result of a joint house resolution

January 19, 1937

Died:  Alexander Montgomery Thackara or bronchial pneumonia in the American Hospital of Paris, located in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France; aged 88 years old

December 6, 1941

Died:  Philemon Tecumseh Sherman in New York City of a heart attack; aged 74 years old

July 12, 1983

Died:  William Tecumseh Sherman Thackara in Mystic CT; aged 96 years old