Digital Scholarship Projects

Here you will find a sampling of projects undertaken by the Villanova community which fall within the scope of digital scholarship. Check this page on an ongoing basis for new featured projects and exhibits.

Kensington Remembers digital project

Kensington Remembers

Kensington Remembers is a digital scholarship project by Dr. Gordon Coonfield in the Department of Communication and Media Studies at Villanova University. This project seeks to find, document, study, and preserve vernacular memorial sites in Kensington and other nearby neighborhoods of North Philadelphia, PA.

Honoring the Fallen Memorial map digital project

Honoring the Fallen: An Interactive Memorial Map

The Office of Veterans and Military Service at Villanova University is collecting data and information on all veterans killed in service, with a connection to Villanova. This memorial map honors the life and sacrifice of Villanovans who died while serving their country.

GEV 4320/8320: GIS for Conservation Management Esri Story Maps

In Spring of 2020, Villanova students in Professor Jennifer Santoro’s GIS for Conservation Management course used GIS spatial analysis and Esri Story Maps to tell compelling ecological stories about endangered species.

The Ardmore digital humanities project

The Ardmore Project

Villanova History students in Dr. Craig Bailey's Junior Research Seminar ventured into the realm of Digital Humanities to reconstruct aspects of life and society in Ardmore, PA during the early twentieth century.

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Distinctive Collections and Digital Engagement Online Exhibits

Smith map collection exhibit

Projecting the World: An Audio Tour of the John F. Smith, III and Susan B. Smith Antique Map Collection

This website provides a virtual tour of the Smith Antique Map Collection, pairing digital images of maps and illustrations from the 16th through 21st centuries with audio commentary from their collector, Mr. Smith.

That Fairyland of Ice: Polar Exploration in Mind and Memory

This online exhibit highlights the James Wheeler collection of books and items about the Arctic and Antarctic regions, part of Falvey Library's Distinctive Collections.

The New Collegiate Sound

This online exhibit curated by Beaudry Rae Allen, Preservation and Digital Archivist, explores the history of radio on campus from the early days as a radio club in the 1920s to today as a FCC-Licensed campus radio station.

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Featured Virtual Reality Projects at The CAVE

Down on Lenox Avenue: Langston Hughes, the Blues, and Virtual Reality

The Immersive Studies CAVE housed in Old Falvey and manged by CEET is currently exhibiting a virtual reality project by Dr. Noel Dolan, the Director for Academic Learning Communities for ACS. Featuring a 3D rendering of a blues jazz club, the project allows visitors to navigate the club and activate different experiences, such as hearing live performances by blues musicians and listening to audio recordings of blues poetry being read by Langston Hughes and other 20th century African American poets.

To schedule a time to see this exhibit, or learn more about other VR projects being shown in The CAVE, contact Dr. Frank Klassner at and Andrew Grace at