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About Expositions:

Expositions is an academic forum for interdisciplinary studies, sponsored by the Villanova Center for Liberal Education. Expositions publishes scholarship, both established and emerging, that is grounded in the individual academic disciplines, but which seeks to engage in a larger discourse, establishing connections between the disciplines and enriching our understanding of our common humanity. Acting on the Augustinian principle that nothing human is foreign to the sympathetic heart, we seek contributions which explore human life in all its aspects and from different perspectives. Expositions fosters active, even radical, conversations through challenging essays that impact our teaching, research, and the life of the academy.

Expositions will be published twice yearly. We seek to publish two types of contribution:

Excellent papers that either have an inter-disciplinary character and appeal or are exemplary in their respective disciplines while being of interest to those from other disciplines.

Briefer “notes, insights, and flashes” that benefit teaching, research, and the life of the academy. These contributions include: “notes” that reflect upon or challenge existing scholarship; “insights” that provide intriguing new paths of interpretation and close analysis of a text; and “flashes” that are just too exuberant, provocative, or risky to fit in an ordinary article. Perhaps hard to classify within conventional categories, these “Notes, Insights, and Flashes” should make us stop and think, entice us to re-read passages we thought we knew, spark conversations, or otherwise enrich our lives as interdisciplinary teachers and scholars. Word-length will typically be 1,000 to 3,000.

Falvey Memorial library often co-sponsors events which celebrate the release of Expositions.

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