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The BRIDGE Society 2014 Professional Development Conference


Thursday, March 27th, 2014, at 3:00 PM


Room 204

Event Description:

The BRIDGE Society 2014 Professional Development Conference

Location: Speakers’ Corner, Rooms 204 & 205
# of attendees:
Title of talk:
Description of talk/event: Karen Graziano from the Office for Undergraduate Students has reserved room
Introduction (if sponsored or co-sponsored):
Needs/Set-up: 2 Registration Tables need to be set up by the front door with 4 chairs and 2 tablecloths in AM! Speakers Corner: 25 white folding chairs in standard lecture style, podium/mic and speaker. Rooms 204 and 205 just need signs outside of the rooms and notes on the front boards (asking students to move to another study space by 2:30 pm), other than that “as is” set-ups for 204 and 205 are OK. 204 and 205 should be cleared of students and straightened up around 2:30 pm. Check out the remote under “programming and outreach” from the front desk for the projector in room 204. Take Stats.
Contacts: Karen Graziano
Podcast recording scheduled:
Event Supervisor:
Event Reporter (if sponsored or co-sponsored):
# of students needed:
*Sponsored by OUS
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