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Aurelius Digital Humanities Launch Party


Tuesday, April 30th, 2013, at 1:00 PM


Room 205

Event Description:

The Library is pleased to announce the formal inauguration of the Aurelius Digital Humanities Initiative with a launch party scheduled for April 30 at 1:00pm in Room 205 in the second floor Learning Commons of the Library. The Aurelius Digital Humanities Initiative is a project of Falvey Memorial Library to support digital humanities (DH) projects and promote a DH community at Villanova University.  The event will feature a discussion of the definition of “digital humanities” and how Aurelius will support this emerging trend in scholarly practice, as well as work-in-progress project overviews from Dr. Craig Bailey (History) and Dr. Annika Thiem (Philosophy). Light refreshments will be served.

 More information: http://aurelius.library.villanova.edu/

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