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Window Displays Guidelines

Window Description

  • We have one glass window display to highlight your special message to the campus community, including advertisements for your programming, events, or activities.  The display is located on the left as you enter the 24 hour study lounge on the first floor of Falvey Memorial Library.
  • It contains six glass shelves in the middle two sections of the display, each shelf measures 12” deep x 39” wide.
  • Each has space on both the right and left of the shelves to hang posters that have been mounted on foam board.
  • For display purposes posters should be no wider than 30”. Posters are generally 22” wide x 36” long but may be taller.


  • All materials are displayed for a month
  • The content of the window display as well as the text being displayed is the responsibility of the person/department booking the display.
  • We will help with the details
  • We support a wide variety of displays using books, and other items such as baskets, clothing, props, etc.
  • All posters for hanging must be mounted on foam board as this prevents them from warping.
  • Tape is not permitted on the glass
  • We encourage your creativity!

We Supply

  • The windows for the display
  • These windows are double sided so they can be viewed from both the library and Holy Grounds. This might be something you want to keep in mind as you design your display.
  • Book holders/stands which can be used to display books & matted or foam board mounted images/artwork.
  • Books can be checked out from the library for use in the display
  • We have a modest selection of fabric to cover the bottom of the case and some “wall hangings” from IKEA that can be used in the side bays.
  • Hardware to hang the posters, including a ladder.
  • Our expertise!

Important Note About Security

  • While the windows are locked, they are still accessible from the 24 study lounge; therefore we cannot support the inclusion of valuable or rare items
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