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Event Venues in Falvey Memorial Library

Falvey is home to several event venues:  Speakers' Corner, Rooms 204, 205, 206 & 207 and the  First Floor Lounge.(Please review the official room reservation policies and procedures for more information about booking spaces in Falvey: Official Room Reservation Policies and Procedures- 2014.docx)

  • Rooms 204, 205, 206 & 207 are located on the second floor of the Library. Rooms 204 and 205 are, like the Speakers’ Corner, dedicated event spaces which students can use as study areas when there are no events or meetings. These rooms are already arranged in a standard classroom or lecture set-up. Each room has about 30- 36 chairs, accompanying long tables, and a podium for a standard set-up. The tables can be folded up to allow up to 60 chairs to fit in the space. Room 204 has a built-in projector and screen, while room 205 is home to a large flat-screen monitor. Laptops can be connected to either system for presentations via the built-in cables at the front of the room. (Note: for Mac laptops, please bring an adapter in order to connect).
  • Speakers' Corner is located in the back of the first floor area. It is a dedicated event space, and it hosts most lectures in the Library. It doubles as an additional lounge area when not in use for events. 
  • The First Floor Lounge is located to the right side of the main building entrance. The events held here are  occupy only the near right corner of the lounge, or the space immediately in front of the large hanging wall tapestry. This space is recommended for informal events only due to the activity and noise levels.





                                                                        Room 204  


Speakers' Corner  
 First Floor  Lounge  
                               Room 206                                   Room 207  



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