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Event Venues in Falvey Memorial Library

Falvey Memorial Library is home two event venues available for event scheduling: Room 205 and Room 206. For additional information about each of these venues, please see the links below.

Room 206

A small enclosed meeting room on the 2nd floor that seats up to 12 people at a conference table. ADA accessible. Includes whiteboard. This space is primarily reserved for Library and Learning Commons groups and may be requested by the Villanova Community on a case-by-case basis.

Room 205
A multi-purpose enclosed room on the 2nd floor with lecture-style set up. Default set-up seats 36. Room capacity is 60 with reconfiguration by groups using the space.  ADA accessible. Includes whiteboard and large flat screen display.


Room 205-Default Set-Up

Room 206-Default Set-Up

Room 205-Self-Serve Set-Up



Last Modified: Wednesday, May 24th, 2017