Second Floor Space: Room is enclosed.

This is a multi-purpose room with default lecture-style set up. Default set-up (see photo below) seats 36 with two chairs per table. Room is ADA accessible. Capacity is 60 by folding the tables and moving them to the side. Groups using the space are responsible for making sure the room is returned to this configuration. Trash/leftover food must be removed at the end of the group’s allotted reservation time.

 room 205 as is.jpg

Room 205 can be arranged in different styles by groups using the space. The setups displayed below are two possible options, they include: conference and lecture.

room 205 conference.jpg

 room 205 lecture.jpg

Room Contents:

  • 36 chairs (up to 24 additional chairs can be requested)
  • 18 tables (up to 2 additional tables can be requested for refreshments/handouts, if needed)
  • Podium
  • Flat screen display for presentations
  • VGA and HDMI connector to use the display with your laptop
  • Wireless access and a network port
  • Two large whiteboards
  • Instructions for equipment use and default furniture layout

Notes for the Event Sponsor(s):

  • If projecting,
    • you will need to bring a laptop
    • if using a MAC you will need to bring an adapter
    • if not using the wireless access, a green network cable is available for checkout at the Service Desk
  • If using the white board, markers are available for checkout at the Service Desk. Ask for a "presentation pack."
  • The podium does not have a microphone as it is easy to hear a speaker without one
  • Items checked out from the front desk should be returned by the Event Sponsor when the event is over


Room AV/Display Instructions: