Room 206 – 2nd Floor

A small enclosed meeting room on the 2nd floor that seats up to 12 people at a conference table. ADA accessible. Includes whiteboard. This space is primarily reserved for Library and Learning Commons groups and may be requested by the Villanova Community on a case-by-case basis.

Default Set-up Room 206

Default set-up-Room 206 (a).jpg

Room Contents

  • 12 chairs (a few additional chairs can be requested)
  • Conference table (up to 2 additional tables can be requested for refreshments)
  • Flat screen monitor for presentations
  • VGA and HDMI connector to use the projector with your laptop
  • Wireless access and a network port
  • Two large whiteboards
  • Instructions for equipment use


Notes for the Event Sponsor(s)

  • If connecting to the VGA or HDMI for presentations,
    • you will need to bring a laptop
    • if using a MAC you will need to bring an adapter
    • if not using the wireless access, a green network cable is available for checkout at the Service Desk
  • If using the white board, markers are available for checkout at the Service Desk. Ask for a "presentation pack."
  • The podium does not have a microphone as it is easy to hear a speaker without one
  • Items checked out from the front desk should be returned by the Event Sponsor when the event is over