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Criminal Justice


  1. Answer by: Seibert, Jutta
    How do I access the supplementary homicide reports of the uniform crime reporting program data for 1996 to 2006? The supplementary homicide reports (UCR) 1996-2005 are available through ICPSR. Villanova U. is a member of ICPSR and you can access and download the data anytime. You need to create your own account and password in ICPSR before you can start to download the data. ICPSR has a number of different set-up files that format data for statistical analysis in either SPSS or SAS. Select the option that you prefer and download the files to your desktop. Once the compressed folders are on your desktop you will have to decompress them by right-clicking on the folder and selecting the extract line. Follow the instructions on ICPSR to open the data in SPSS or SAS. Both SPSS and SAS software are available on CITRIX web: https://citrixweb.villanova.edu/Citrix/MetaFrame/auth/welcome.htm in the Math and Statistics folder.

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