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  1. Answer by: Hauck, Linda
    Do we have access to full patent images through any database? For example Delphion? https://www2.delphion.com/cgi-bin/ncommerce3/ExecMacro/IPN/IPNmandreg.d2w/report?regfrom=funlim&referal=freetrial315 We do not subscribe to a dedicated patent database. Current patents (I believe 1976 and forward) are available in pdf on google patents. Images are available throught the US patent and trademark office, but to get them you have to download a utility to whatever machine you are working on. Lexis Nexis used to offer pdf's of patents but last time I used it pdf coverage was not consistent, so I would have to check on that for you. If you have a list of patents and need the full text, please let me know and I'll get them for you. I'm cc'ing Alfred Fry on this because he's the new library liaison for sciences. If you think we need a dedicated patent database such as Delphion or Thomson's product, Afred is probably the best person to explore this with.

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