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  1. I have a paper written about satire in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, I am having a hard time finding 2 scholarly sources can you help? I have already met with a librarian and she showed me how to use the subject database but I still cannot find anything.

    A search in the database MLA International Bibliography on "Chaucer" in title AND "satire" in title, limited to peer-reviewed sources, produced 8 hits, 5 of which are relevant to Canterbury Tales and available from the library either in print or as a pdf. A couple more of them would be available to you via interlibrary loan. I will email the list to you. When you say you have a paper written, do you mean you need to write a paper, or that you're seeking sources to cite after the fact? Normally one would seek sources to gather information about a topic and shape a thesis, and then turn to writing the paper....

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