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  1. I'm currently on psych info but when I click 'find it' on an article no page will load. I have restarted my computer twice and the problem persists. What can I do to access articles off this database?

    It could be one of three possible problems and I would need more information to be able to tell you which. Possible problem 1: You have a pop-up blocker that prevents the FindIt window from opening up. Possible problem 2: You have opened the FindIt window before but did not close it. When you click on FindIt the next time, the content will change in the background but the window will not pop up. Possible problem 3: Java Script error - A small Java script error message appears in the lower left hand corner of the pop up window. We do not have an explanation for this error but restarting the computer usually works. Please call us when you have the same problem again. We may be better able to assist you via phone.

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Last Modified: Wednesday, June 25th, 2014