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  1. I am a Villanova faculty and am trying to log on to Lexis-Nexis through my home computer (i.e. non the Villanova issued one. Some days I like to leave it in the office so that I don't have to carry so much stuff with me on the train). However, I am unable to log into the data base. Is there a way around it ? I vaguely remember a few years ago, that I needed to first log on to some proxy server ? Is this still the case. If so, could you be so kind and give me further instructions for this.

    When you initially login in to any of our databases, whether using your own or University issued computer, the University Single Sign on page appears. Once you enter your LDAP username and password, the database should open. If the link takes you to back to the Databases A-Z page, just click on the link again to access it. UNIT is currently working on this problem. Here are help center link about the proxy Access databases/journals from off-campus https://library.villanova.edu/Help/FAQs/OffCampusAccess

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