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  1. I'm Meng Wang from the MSF program of VSB, and I'm now finding some research report about Yahoo!. As I'm new here and I'm not familiar to find the information I need from our library website. Can you help me to find them? I really need those information in this weekend. Call me back if possible, my phone number is ------ and my email address is ------- Looking forward to someone calling me! Thank you.

    I will direct your query to our business librarian, Linda Hauck. She will be able to assist you on Monday, June 27th.  Also looked at subject guide Management and Operations: Company & Industry:  I've attached a report on Yahoo from our database Datamonitor; this is a 33p analysis including SWOT analysis.

    The database and others similar to it can be found on the subject guide Management and Operations -- Company & Industry


    Take a look at the following on the page:
    Mergent Online--
    NetAdvantage will give you an overview

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