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  1. Answer by: Poley, Darren

    I a writing a paper on the topic of Black Catholics in the Philadelphia area during the post Civil War Reconstruction Period.

    I have done multiple searches for primary and secondary sources on the topic.

    Might you have some suggestions, so I might begin a bibliographical start to begin the research.


    I was going to use the archives at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary and the papers of Archbishop Wood as a starting point for a primary source. Do you kno w of similar primary sources that might be in the archives on the subject….perhaps the papers of K. Drexel ?

    PAHRC is the place to go for papers and materials related to Archbishop Wood.


    For St. Katherine Drexel and associates I would visit the archives of the SBS: http://www.katharinedrexel.org/SBSarchives.html


    See also: Henry McNeal Turner -- The first African American Catholic congress, 1889 IN: https://library.villanova.edu/Find/Record/516617


    See also…





    At Temple U.:

    A history of Black Catholics in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. Edward M Purnell (1985)

    A brief history for Black Catholics. Holy Child Church (1990 )


    I would also recommend you contact the Josephite Archives and the Archdiocesan Archives in Baltimore






    Some related materials:

    Pastoral letter of the Most Rev. Archbishop of Baltimore on the eve of his departure for Rome. M J Spalding (1867)

    Diary. Peter L Benoit (1875)


    By the way, on St. Katherine Drexel you may also want to talk to Lou Baldwin, he’s the local expert.


    n  Katharine Drexel: The Formation of a Saint. American Catholic Studies; Fall2010, Vol. 121 Issue 3, p115-121, 7p

    n  Saint Katharine Drexel: apostle to the oppressed (Philadelphia: Catholic Standard and Times, 2000) https://library.villanova.edu/Find/Record/533881

    n  A call to sanctity: the formation and life of Mother Katharine Drexel  (Philadelphia: Catholic Standard and Times, 1988)

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