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  1. Answer by: Poley, Darren

    I am e-mailing you in reference to a paper I am writing concerning the Death Penalty and the position of the Catholic Church on the Death Penalty. It is required that we use peer journals, which are said to be found online or in the library. Seeing as how I am home this weekend and the project is due by midnight, I was wondering if it was possible if you might be able to direct me on how to search for and find some of these articles online. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated and I hope you have a wonderful day. Thanks again for your time.

    Go to the list of databases http://library.villanova.edu/research/databases/


    Where I would begin looking for full-text  articles online is by searching the Academic OneFile database.

    I would enter “Catholic Church” in the first search term box, and “Capital Punishment” in the second.

    Below that: Limit results by checking “to documents with full-text” and then click the search button.

    This should give you enough results that you will need to evaluate the articles for appropriateness to your assignment.


    If you need more articles to consider, I would search the ProQuest Religion database.

    In the search boxes I would enter: “pro-life” AND “capital punishment” OR “death penalty” AND “Catholic Church” OR “Catholics”

    Click to “Add a row” and enter: AND “bishops” OR “pope”

    Below that: Limit results by checking “full-text”/”peer-reviewed”/”scholarly journals” and then click the search button.

    You can then further refine your search by clicking the “Search within” link in the middle of the screen, but remember the more terms you have the narrower the results. So if you want more articles to choose from; enter fewer search terms.


    Hope this helps!

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