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  1. Answer by: Poley, Darren

    I've started my research for my essay and I'm extremely overwhelmed. I've chosen the subject of the theology of death and I feel like I have found some good sources but I am struggling to find what is actually good and also how I can form these scattered pieces of information into a logical paper.

    The reason you’re overwhelmed is your rather late start and the fact that what you have chosen is a very broad topic. In a few words your topic is too vague. Let me help you give it focus by recommending some places to investigate ASAP.


    This course guide for another upper-level class may be a good place to start:



    You could focus on death in the Bible. I would narrow that down to looking at the New Testament. I would use a Bible Concordance (in Falvey or online) to determine some very specific passages on which you will focus. If you are going this route I would recommend you explore the Bible Research Guide:



    Probably the best way to begin is to identify specific sections of the Catechism that are on death


    and use the theological ideas and vocabulary surrounding the word as a springboard for searching the catalog: https://library.villanova.edu/Find/Search/Home;

    and databases



    When you search Falvey’s catalog for books be specific: enter "Death. Religious aspects. Christianity." and search “by Subject.” https://library.villanova.edu/Find/Search/Results?lookfor=%22Death.+Religious+aspects.+Christianity.%22&type=Subject&search=catalog+Subject&submit=Find


    One example of a right-sized topic is to focus on the theological thinking of Hans Urs von Balthasar on the death as it relates to the Pascal Mystery. Here is a great book on this: https://library.villanova.edu/Find/Record/1404907

    Searching the Catholic Periodical and Literature Index using the terms Balthasar AND Death doesn’t get too much, because death is not specific enough in theological terms. However, there is this source citation: Balthasar's impasse and contemporary christology. By: Sain, Barbara. Source: Catholic Theological Society of America Proceedings, 64: 144-145(2009). Publication Type: Journal Article.

    Falvey has this journal in its collection: https://library.villanova.edu/Find/Record/57517

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