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  1. Answer by: Poley, Darren

    I was going through my working bibliography and again and I realized that the electronic journal article (#3) I got through ILLiad.  How would I cite the ending of that if I got it that way?  There is not a doi number anywhere.

    Don't think in terms of format per se. Step back and determine what is the content and what is the container...

    A chapter or an essay IN a book
    An article IN a journal
    An essay or an article IN a database

    Any one of these can be in digital form and either of the first two may also be in print. Sometimes the same content is in more than one container.

    Iiliad is Interlibrary loan software. It's a tool just like the ATLA databases. Because the former is a means for getting the content and the latter are online indexes you don't include info about them in the citation.

    The citation will indicate format, but by what information you provide. However the information itself should only be descriptive of the content (author & article title, for example) and the container (database/ DOI, or journal title/vol/issue/pages, for example).

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