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  1. Answer by: Foight, Michael

    How do I find the library loading dock from Ithan Avenue?

    From the Ithan Avenue Gate to the Falvey Memorial Library Loading Dock.  Proceed past the Villanova School of Business on your left and continue forward at the guard gate.  A Villanova Public Safety officer at the gate may direct you.  Proceed onward and make a gentle turning to the right - the Connelly Center will be on your left and a series of Tennis Courts on the right at the turn.  Continue past the lower level of the Saint Augustine Center parking garage and make the first left after the the Saint Augustine Center itself.  Immediately to the right of the turn will be steam plant.  At this point continue on the short jog and the library loading dock will be visible to your immediate front.   Kindly park to the left away from the dock and so as to not obscure the flow of traffic. 

    A map is available at:


    The library is #17 on the map but the jog to the library and the loading dock area immediately adjacent are not depicted on the map.

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Last Modified: Wednesday, June 25th, 2014