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  1. Answer by: Dierkes, Gerald

    Find Articles in a Journal/Magazine/Newspaper

    Finding articles is usually a two-step process:

    Step 1—Find an article online.

    1. Access the Library Search box (click the large green “Search” button at the center of the homepage or the “Search” tab at the top of any of our library website pages.  You will know you are on the search page when the banner at the top is green).

    2. Type your search terms in the search box in the center of the green banner. (It is best to start with broad search terms and then use the filters to refine your search. When searching for proper names or short phrases, place them in quotation marks to find items that include those exact names or phrases.)

    3. After typing your keywords, click the .Find. button (Your results list appears as two columns: the left one includes books and multimedia items. The right column shows articles from our databases of academic journals).

    4. Click the Articles & more sub tab (The Articles & more page has useful filters located on the right, such as the “limit to articles from peer-reviewed journals” check box (at the top, right). This option limits your list to only those items that come from scholarly journals. It excludes non-scholarly sources, such as newspaper articles, popular magazines, or trade publications).

    5. The “Year of Publication” filter will help you narrow your results to the most recent scholarship. 

    6. Scroll to the “Topic” filter to further narrow your article-search results.

    7. Locate your article by clicking the blue  button ( connects you either to the articles page in a specific database or to a list of all databases that host the article).

    8. On the articles page in a specific database,find the PDF symbol, and click it.

    9. Use the PDF Print/Save menu to either print or download it.

    Step 2—Find an article in print. Not all journal and magazine articles are available online. If you do not see a link to full text when you click , select the pull-down menu and choose Catalog Search (Title) or Catalog Search (ISSN

    to see if the library owns a the journal, magazine or newspaper in print.

    1. If information is displayed for the journal, magazine or newspaper that contains your article, note the call number and location of the journal, magazine or newspaper. Check to see if Falvey has the year in which your article appears.

    1a. If the year you need is listed as a  Recent Issues, go to periodical shelving, located at the back of the 1st floor, and look for your issue by call number on the current-issues shelves.

    1b. Alternately you may use the ILL Request Form for items in Remote Storage, but this option may take lengthen delivery time.

    2. If you click on the Catalog Search link and you see the message "Your search resulted in no hits!" then the library does not own the journal, magazine or newspaper you need.  You may, however, request the article from another library through Interlibrary Loan (ILL) using the ILL Request Form.

    3. If you need help determining whether the library owns the issue you need or its location, ask the Research Support Department.

    4. Be sure to cite your articles properly; consult the Guide to Citation Styles, such as MLA & APA

    5. If the year you need is listed as “Bound Volumes, Garey Hall - Ask at Circulation,” or "Remote Collections" complete the Journal Retrieval/Document Delivery Request Form.

    If you have any problems or questions, please contact a research librarian directly or go to the main service desk and ask to speak with a research librarian.

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Last Modified: Wednesday, June 25th, 2014