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How do you cite a Mintel report in APA?
2012-02-05 16:08:06

When using LexisNexis, is it possible to imput a list of retail companies and then use that list to search in different geographic locations?
2011-01-19 18:07:54

Looking for a report like this one on Colombia. Found one for Brazil on Datamonitor, but nor one on colombia. http://www.espicom.com/Prodcat2.nsf/Product_ID_Lookup/00000334?OpenDocument
2010-11-19 22:30:06

I'm looking for information on Schein's Theory of Organizational Culture Levels and I'm having trouble finding a book or an article to quote from.
2010-11-09 01:36:26

Hello, I am trying to find good article for the following question (no more three yearsold): How is compensation determined in a bankrupt organization? What are some good databases?
2010-10-17 17:10:01

I am trying to find any material on the crisis in defined benefit pensions. Looking for anything from 2009-2010 and have only found 2 relative articles. I need to use at minimum 10 sources and only 3 can be on-line sources. So I need a good 7. Got two so net is 5 that I need LOL!! I know I am probably not searching correctly--can anyone provide me with some hints for searching? I did check the Library Catalog that is where the articles came from, but didn't have any scholarly articles listed which I would prefer to use.
2010-09-16 11:13:10

total spend Packaging
2010-08-22 16:45:20

Does the university have a subscription, online access, or a database with links to the magazine entitled The Economist?
2010-04-27 12:51:15

Is there a database I can find old articles from the Havard business review?
2010-01-31 09:32:03

Do we have access to any large databases of privately held companies in specific industries?
2010-01-28 21:18:09

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