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Hi, I need to find articles quickly for a research paper that I am writing for a graduate nursing research class. I am looking for articles dealing with the topic: Effect of frequency of catheter changes on the incidence of UTI in homecare patients with indwelling urinary catheters. can you help? 
2010-09-03 15:05:57

How do I access research articles from Cinahl,Pubmed,Medline etc, using the online library?
2010-01-21 22:37:51

I am at home and am trying to access CINAHL from the library's website, is it not accessible unless you are on campus? Or is CINAHL just not working right now?
2009-11-06 10:48:17

Do we have a dictionary of drugs?
2009-02-20 15:30:27

How do I find a specific article for which I have the citation information in PubMed?
2008-10-03 14:42:52

Where can I find out whether the library owns the journals and if they are available in paper or online? I've discovered a lot of the articles related to my topic are not available on-line. Are there other ways I can find and print the articles on the computer?
2008-09-06 15:29:04

Can you help me find information on acute myelogenous leukemia? I'd like a description of the disease, it's diagnosis and treatment.
2008-07-15 11:39:43

How do I find journal articles on ethical considerations of these two topics: revoking driver's license of patients suffering from seizures and seclusion of psychiatric patients?
2008-06-16 16:11:50

I did a search in PubMed. I clicked on the names of the authors of one of my results to get to the screen with the abstract of the article. Then I clicked the "Find it" button and then the VUCat link. I got an error message that read, "Your search resulted in no hits." Why can't I see the full text of the article from the journal Fertility & Sterility?
2008-06-16 08:44:42

Where can Ifind research about genetic disorders in Oman? I have been unsuccessful.
2008-06-06 09:49:51

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