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I checked to see if we were taking Cambridge's new standard edition of Swift.  We have A Tale of a Tub but not the volume published in 2008.  So clearly there is not a standing order.  As there should be. I realize that these books are not cheap, but it does strike me that any good library's holdings must be based upon the standard editions in the field.
2012-09-21 11:59:35

I went up to the stacks--for the first time in a long time--in order to find the recent OUP edition of Johnson's Lives of the Poets.  Alas, we don't have it.
2012-09-21 11:50:23

Finding articles on the Sun Also Rises and nature.
2011-11-02 00:00:00

How can I search Fraser's Magazine in the British Periodicals collection database for the months Jan, 1847 to July, 1848?
2011-09-10 00:00:00

I am a bit stumped about how to track down something interesting that I read in a particular article. In the article "Cliometrics and the Colleges: The Campus Condition 1880 to 1910" by John R. Thelin, he mentions that "during [the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries] going to college was a source of prestige--an experience which acquired a strong mystique among the American public. Readers of such nationally circulated periodicals as Century, Atlantic Monthly, Harper's, McClure's, and Scribner's were treated every fortnight to 'inside stories' that provided glimpses of student life at Amherst, Wellesley, Stanford, Princeton, Yale or Harvard" (436).   However, Mr. Thelin does not reference any such articles by name! I think it would be really fascinating to read such articles about Harvard at the turn on the century for my thesis chapter on The Sound and the Fury, but attempting to find them so far (granted, I only got so far as Atlantic Monthly) has been like searching for a needle in a haystack! Do you have any advice about how I could possibly track these articles down?  
2011-04-26 13:46:17

I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction to find a very basic/general article about about both feminism and poststructuralism literary criticism. I am analyzing two plays we read in my paper through these "lenses" and have had great success finding other sources to support other parts of my paper but not with finding these general articles.
2011-04-03 12:53:10

English major looking for the phrase "isle of dogs," which appears in Eliot's The Waste Land.
2011-03-13 14:46:46

I am currently working on my thesis and came across a CLA journal (volume 13.3, 1970) dedicated entirely to Ralph Ellison. I cannot seem to see the article titles though. I am curious about the special issue. ILL forwarded one article from the journal as they cannot copy the whole periodical. Is there any way I may be able to access the journal?
2010-10-04 16:39:32

I have a paper written about satire in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, I am having a hard time finding 2 scholarly sources can you help? I have already met with a librarian and she showed me how to use the subject database but I still cannot find anything.
2010-04-06 20:54:31

Student is looking for articles on morality in McCarthy's The Road or Well's War of the Worlds. This is for English 1050
2010-03-10 16:02:27

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