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Off-Campus Access: How to access e-resources from off-campus

  • Many electronic subscription resources including books, videos, full text and bibliographic databases and data sources can be accessed remotely from off-campus by Villanova students faculty and staff.
  • We use an proxy system to authenticate Villanova students, faculty and staff.  When accessing one of our our electronic subscription databases, journals or electronic books, users will be be asked for their Villanova username and password. This is called an LDAP and is the same used for MyNova and Blackboard.
  • Browser options or preferences need to be set to enable cookies to access our resources.
  • Some databases additionally require users to accept their terms of use upon each access.  Other databases require Villanova users to individually register with their Villanova e-mail address.
  • Firewalls, typically installed in workplaces, may impede access to our subscription databases.  Some IT departments are willing to adjust their ports to allow access.  Firewalls need to be set to allow port standard 80 and 443 for  database access.
  • Please report any difficulty encountered accessing our electronic resources from off campus by calling 610-519-4270 or contacting our staff by chat when available.


Last Modified: Tuesday, October 13th, 2015