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Sure-fire Techniques to Achieve Research Success (STARS)

starsGuide.jpgSTARS is designed to guide you through the research process and to acquaint you with the many resources available at Falvey Library.

STARS was designed to be a guide that you can consult online 24/7. However, it is not meant to take the place of the personalized research assistance you can get at Falvey Library or the individualized help provided by the Writing Center staff.

To get help from a Falvey Research librarian, you may visit the Reference Desk during hours of service.  You may also request an appointment for extended one-on-one research assistance, or send an email question (ref@villanova.edu).

For help with your writing, make an appointment at the Writing Center.

Adapted with permission from the JSCC Library Information Literacy Tutorial.
Comments and suggestions to Barbara Quintiliano, Instructional Design Librarian.

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