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Step 4: Gathering Information

Finding Resources


Periodicals & Newspapers:

Web sites:


Keeping careful notes -- Here's what to record Writing a Research Paper, Purdue University)


  • Information that supports and develops your thesis statement or research question.
  • Succinct, short phrases...but not too sketchy
  • Duplicating facts that can further bolster your thesis.
  • Opposing viewpoints, when appropriate to the type of paper you are writing.
  • A variety of sources.
  • Bibliographic details for citing your sources: author, title, (editor, translator, and/or edition number if there is one), publisher, city of publication, year of publication, issue number, volume, and page numbers.
  • Call numbers, in case you wish to locate the books again.
  • Names of databases and search terms you used.
  • URLs (web site addresses) of online information.

STARS Research Guide:


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