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TitleSubject AreaCourse NumberInstructor
ACS 1001 Chou - The Tempest Critical Ed. ProjectAugustine and Culture SeminarACS 1001Chou, Catherine
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General BiologyBiologyBIO 2105
BenefitsHuman Resources DevelopmentHRD 8213Garber, J.; Powell, R.; Kenney, P.
Business DynamicsBusinessVSB 1015Higgens McFadden, L.
Business DynamicsBusinessVSB 1015Drago, R.
CompensationHuman Resources DevelopmentHRD 8212-001Lirio, D.
Competitive Effectiveness Campbell's Fall 2018BusinessVSB 2020Vallen, E.
Competitive Effectiveness Comcast Fall 2018BusinessVSB 2020Pirsch, J.
Competitive Effectiveness Johnson & Johnson Fall 2018BusinessVSB 2020Vallen, E.
Competitive Effectiveness Vanguard Fall 18BusinessVSB 2020Kees, J. & Arvanites, D.
Economics of HealthcareEconomics and StatisticsEco 4200-003Rissell
Employment LawHuman Resources DevelopmentHRD 8215Francesca, A.
Global Political EconomyEconomics and StatisticsEco 3108 & MBA 8740Wolnicki, M.
Global Practicum DomesticBusiness8920-001Reaves, J.
HR Metrics and Statistical ResearchHuman Resources DevelopmentHRD 8006Ksenak; Bush
Classical DramaturgyTheatreTHE 7120-001Phillips, C.
Business and Professional CommunicationCommunicationCOM 1101-100Kelly, Robert
Media AudiencesCommunicationCOM 3365: Media Audiences Thomas Ksiazek
Public Speaking (COM 1100)CommunicationCOM 1100 Robert Kelly
Criminal Justice Research Methods and StatisticsCriminologyCRM 5200Arvanites, T.
Justice & SocietyCriminologyCRM 3001Arvanites, T.
Searching Journals in CriminologyCriminologyCJ 1000Arvanites, Thomas
Senior Seminar in Theory and Research (Criminology)CriminologyCRM 6500Welch, K.
Core Seminar: Borders Migrations (Potok)English1975-012 Potok, R
Honors ACS Shakespeare AssignmentAugustine and Culture SeminarHON 1000Staples, C.
Literary Experience - VelezEnglishENG 1050Velez, C.
Literary Experience-McColeEnglish1050-006McCole, M.
Literary Experience: The American Life (Potok)English1050-008Potok, R.
Modernist Manifestos HonEnglishHon-3600Quigley, M.
Portraying Disability in LiteratureEnglishENG 1975 - 001, 012Fattori, M.
The Literary ExperienceEnglish1050-02Fattori, M.
Topics in the Renaissance - ShohetEnglish8260-001 Shohet, L.
Ways of ReadingEnglish2250-001Mullen, M.
Ways of Reading: An Introduction to the Methods of Literary Studies -DaileyEnglish2250-001Dailey, A.
Ways of Reading: Lit AnalysisEnglishENG 2250Berthold, M.
Writing For Children in 19th Century America- FosterEnglishENG 500Foster, T.
Geo. of a Globalizing WorldGeography and the EnvironmentGEV 1002-001/002Henderson, B.
Intro to sustainabilityGeography and the EnvironmentGVE 3001-001Shakya
Politics and the EnvironmentGeography and the EnvironmentGEV 4333Clarke, M.
Population GeographyGeography and the EnvironmentGEV 2300Henderson, B.
Capstone Seminar in Global Interdisciplinary StudiesGlobal Interdisciplinary StudiesGIS 6500Abboud, S.
Introduction to Global Interdisciplinary StudiesGlobal Interdisciplinary StudiesGIS 2000Harrington, J.
Growing into SustainabilityGeography and the EnvironmentGEV 3000Armon, C. & Stehl, W.
African-American History During SlaveryHistoryHIS 2291Williams, S.
Ancient EmpiresHistoryHIS 1250Diamond, K.
Archaeology of Ancient EgyptHistoryHIS 3095Diamond, K.
Black Freedom MovementsHistoryHIS 1155Williams, S.
Civil War & ReconstructionHistoryHIS 2181Giesberg, J.
CleopatraHistoryHIS 3095Diamond, K.
Global Environmental HistoryHistoryHIS 1065-002Rosier, P.
High Renaissance Art in ItalyArt HistoryAAH 2012Valiela, J.
History of ChildhoodHistoryHIS 2294Giesberg, J.
Investigating U.S. HistoryHistoryHIS 2000Talley, G.
Medieval Pandemic: The Global Black Death and the 14th CenturyHistoryHIS1165Winer, R.
Modern ArchitectureArt HistoryAAH 2005Sullivan, M.
Native American HistoryHistoryHIS 2278Rosier, P.
Paris, City of Order and AnarchyHistoryLST 7203Varias, A.
Slavery in the Modern WorldHistoryHIS 1150-002Giesberg, J.
The Holocaust in Eastern EuropeHistoryHIS 3995-001Westrate, M.
Transatlantic RevolutionsHistoryHIS 1150Ricci, E.
U.S. Foreign Relations, 1914-PresentHistoryHIS 8062Gallicchio, M.
Women & Gender in Europe, 400-1650HistoryHIS 8207Winer, R.
Chinese Language ResourcesGlobal Interdisciplinary StudiesCHI 1112Huang, S.
Hispanic CinemaRomance Languages and LiteraturesSPA 3074Salinas Zabalaga, O.
Spanish Research SeminarRomance Languages and LiteraturesSPA 3970Duque, A.
Clinical EthicsNursingNUR 8964Ott, B. ; Mendez, J.
Nursing Care of Adults & Older AdultsNursingNUR 3114Qi
Organization TheoryPublic AdministrationMPA 8002Jacobs
Part and Whole - BakerRomance Languages and LiteraturesFrench 3412Baker, B.
Ethical Traditions and Contemporary LifeEthicsETH 2050Sarah-Vaughan Brakman
HusserlPhilosophyPHI 5000-001Popa, D.
Knowledge, Reality, SelfPhilosophyPHI 1000
Philosophy and FilmPhilosophyPHI 4150-001Rockhill
Social and Political PhilosophyPhilosophyPHI 2400Gabriel Rockhill
Genocide and Mass KillingPolitical Science6900-002/8255-001Dixon, J.
Public PolicyPublic AdministrationPA 2000-001, MPA 8900-001Miltenberger, L.
Research SeminarPolitical SciencePSC 1900-001/003Burge/Lahiri
Foundations of Modern PsychologyPsychologyPSY 5150-001Naylor-Emlen, S.
Research Methods in PsychologyPsychologyPSY 2050Brown
Applied Research in SociologySociologySOC 5400Arvanites, T.
STOVS / Augustine and Culture SeminarAugustine and Culture Seminar
Strategic Decision MakingBusinessMBA 9529-002Clark, K.
Sustainability SeminarGeography and the Environment, HistoryGEV 3001Galgano, F.; Rosier, P.
Ethics of Life and DeathTheology and Religious StudiesTHL 4200John Groch
Religion in RussiaTheology and Religious StudiesTHL 5200Joseph Loya
Women in the Classical WorldClassical StudiesCLA 3040Danielle C. Bennett
Workshop: Mapping Demographic Data with Social Explorer