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TitleSubject AreaCourse NumberInstructor
Company & Industry Competitive Intelligence 101BiologyVSB 1015
CE Brighthouse-VSB 2020-001-Kees & BrayBusinessVSB 2020-001Kees, J & Bray, M
CE Campbells-VSB 2020-005-Batra & GuptaBusinessVSB 2020-005Batra, R. & Gupta, A.
CE Comcast-VSB 2020-002-McCulloch & UtterBusinessVSB 2020-002McCulloch, T. & Utter, W.
CE Johnson & Johnson-VSB 2020-004-Borenstein & BrayBusinessVSB 2020-004Borenstein, B. & Bray, M.
CE Vanguard-VSB 2020-003-Batra & GuptaBusinessVSB 2020-003Batra, R. & Gupta, A.
Global Practicum-Domestic-MBA-8920-001-ReavesBusinessMBA 8920-001Reaves, J.
Global Practicum: Argentina & Chile MBA 8920-002-Lee & ClarkBusinessMBA 8920Lee, H & Clark, K.
Master of Science in Church ManagementBusinessManion, M.
Communication Senior ProjectCommunicationCOM 5050
Quantitative Research in Communication - COM 4002 - Thomas KsiazekCommunicationCOM 4002Thomas Ksiazek
Race, Crime, and Justice - CRM 3900 - Kelly WelchCriminologyCRM 3900Welch, Kelly
Honors ACS Ancients - ACS 1000 - Catherine StaplesAugustine and Culture SeminarACS 1000-001Staples, Catherine
Irish Films -Eng 3616 - Rena PotokEnglish3616-100Potok, Rena
Portraying Disability in Literature - ENG 1975 - Mary FattoriEnglishENG 1975 - 001, 012Fattori, Mary
The Literary Experience - ENG 1050 - Mary FattoriEnglishENG 1050-002Fattori, Mary
Environmental History of Early Modern Europe - HIS 1165-003 - Caroline MurphyHistoryHIS 1165-003
Global Environmental History - HIS 1065 - Paul RosierHistoryHIS 1065Rosier, Paul
Topics in Latin American History, Anthropology and History of the Greater Caribbean - HIS 4495-001 - Cristina SorianoHistoryHIS 4495-001Soriano, Cristina
Master's and Doctoral ResourcesNursing
ACS Moderns - ACS 1001 - Edward LisAugustine and Culture SeminarACS 1001Lis, E.
Gospel of Mark - ACS 1000 - Betty PatchAugustine and Culture SeminarACS 1000Betty Patch
STOVS / Augustine and Culture Seminar - ACS 1000 - John-Paul SpiroAugustine and Culture Seminar
Global Politics of Climate ChangePolitical SciencePSC 6900-004Seligsohn
Research Concepts & Approaches - PSC 7000-001 - OwolabiPolitical SciencePSC 7000Owolabi
Research Seminar & Public Policy - PSC 1900-003,004, 4175-001 - TonkovichPolitical SciencePSC 4175/1900-001,002Tonkovich
Research Seminar - PSC 1900-001,002 Burge, KreuzerPolitical SciencePSC 1900-001.002Burge, Kreuzer
Research Methods in Psychology - PSY 2050-001,002,003 - Naylor, HerbersPsychologyPSY 2050Naylor


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