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TitleSubject AreaCourse NumberInstructor
Art of Philadelphia - AAH 3002 - Hilary WhithamArt HistoryAAH 3002Whitham, Hilary
Arts of Africa - AAH 3009 - Hilary WhithamArt HistoryAAH 3009-001Whitham, Hilary
Biotechnology in our SocietyBiologyMSE 2206 - 100Haglund, E.
General Biology I - BIO 2105 - Todd JackmanBiologyBIO 2105
Competitive Effectiveness Comcast Fall 2021-VSB 2020-Rishtee Batra & Michael BrayBusinessVSB 2020Batra, R. & Bray, M.
Competitive Effectiveness Johnson & Johnson Fall 2021-VSB 2020-Benjamin Borenstein & Ward UtterBusinessVSB 2020Borenstein, B. & Utter, W.
Competitive Effectiveness LFG Fall 2021-VSB 2020-Rishtee Batra & Michael BrayBusinessVSB 2020Batra, R. & Bray, M.
Engineering Entrepreneurship-EGEN-Ross Lee, Richard Stumpf, Lauri OliverBusinessEGENStumpf, R., Lee, R., Oliver, L.
Financial & Human Capital - HRD - 8003 - Joseph F. KwiatkowskiHuman Resources DevelopmentHRD 8003Kwiatkowski, Powell, Barton
Global PracticumBusinessMBA 8920Reaves, J.
Global Practicum Sports Apparel-MBA 8920-301-Jonathan DohBusinessMBA 8920-301Doh, J.
Global Practicum: Photovoltaic Generation-MBA 8920-001-James ReavesBusinessMBA 8920-001Reaves, J.
Social Entrepreneurship Consulting Practicum-MBA 8910-Chronis, Reaves, Nunez, Narzikul, MattinglyBusinessMBA 8910Chronis, T.
Honors ACS Ancients - ACS 1000 - Catherine StaplesAugustine and Culture SeminarACS 1000-001Staples, Catherine
Literary Experience - ENG 1050 - Cathleen VelezEnglishENG 1050Velez, Cathleen
Literary Experience: The American Life - ENG 1050 - Rena PotokEnglishENG 1050Potok, Rena
Geo. of a Globalizing World - GEV 1002-001 - Bonnie HendersonGeography and the EnvironmentGEV 1002-001Henderson, Bonnie
Growing into Sustainability - GEV 3000 - Armon & StehlGeography and the EnvironmentGEV 3000Armon, Chara & Stehl, William
Intro to Sustainability - GEV 3001-001 - Seth LermanGeography and the EnvironmentGEV 3001-001Lerman, Seth
Capstone Seminar in Global Interdisciplinary Studies - GIS 6500 - Samer AbboudGlobal Interdisciplinary StudiesGIS 6500Abboud, Samer
Chinese Culture - CHI 2143 - HaiLin ZhouAsian StudiesCHI 2143-015Zhou, HaiLin
Introduction to Global Interdisciplinary Studies - GIS 2000Global Interdisciplinary StudiesGIS 2000
Ancient Greek History - HIS 1250 / HIS 3011 - Eliza GettelHistoryHIS1250 / HIS 3011Gettel, Eliza
Global Environmental History - HIS 1065 - Paul RosierHistoryHIS 1065Rosier, Paul
History of Disease - HIS 1065 - Joseph RyanHistoryHIS 1065Ryan, Joseph
Hitler and Nazi Germany - HIS3233 - Paul SteegeHistoryHIS 3233Steege, Paul
Making Sense of the Sixties - HIS 5001 - Paul RosierHistoryHIS 5001-001Rosier, Paul
The Black Death - HIS 1165 - Rebecca WinerHistoryHIS 1165Winer, Rebecca
Master's and Doctoral ResourcesNursing
Nursing Care of Adults & Older Adults - NUR 3114 - Bing Bing QiNursingNUR 3114Qi
Gospel of Mark - ACS 1000 - Betty PatchAugustine and Culture SeminarACS 1000Betty Patch
STOVS / Augustine and Culture Seminar - ACS 1000 - John-Paul SpiroAugustine and Culture Seminar
Genocide and Mass Killing - PSC 8255-001, 3250-HO1 - DixonPolitical Science8255-001, 3250-HO1Dixon, J.
Global Politics of Climate ChangePolitical SciencePSC 6900-004Seligsohn
Research Scope & Methods - PSC 7000-001 - OwolabiPolitical SciencePSC 7000Owolabi
Research Seminar - PSC 1900-003, 005 - Seligsohn, KreuzerPolitical SciencePSC 1900-003,004Dixon, Seligsohn
Social Policy & Research Seminar - PSC 1900-001, 7175-001 - TonkovichPolitical SciencePSC 4175/1900-001,002Tonkovich
Foundations of Modern Psychology - PSY 5150-001 - John KurtzPsychologyPSY 5150Kurtz, John
Research Methods in Psychology - PSY 2050-001,002,003 - Herbers/NaylorPsychologyPSY 2050Herbers/Naylor
Public Policy - PA 2000-001, MPA 8900-001 - Lauren MiltenbergerPublic AdministrationPA 2000-001, MPA 8900-001Miltenberger, Lauren


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