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Course Guides

TitleSubject AreaCourse NumberInstructor
ACS 1001 Chou - The Tempest Critical Ed. ProjectAugustine and Culture SeminarACS 1001Chou, Catherine
Advanced Topics in AuditingAccountancyMAC 8287Peters, J.
Advertising ManagementMarketing and Business LawMKT 2220-001Bang, H.K.
General BiologyBiologyBIO 2105
General Biology IIBiologyBIO 2106Chapman, S.; Cordero, R.; Dollahon, N.
Business DynamicsBusinessVSB 1015Drago, R.
Business in Emerging MarketsManagement and OperationsMGT 2352-001Doh, J.
Analysis of Healthcare PolicyEconomics and Statistics4200Villacorta, R.
BenefitsHuman Resources DevelopmentHRD 8213Garber, J.; Powell, R.; Kenney, P.
Competitive Effectiveness Spring 2017 EquifaxBusinessVSB 2020Pirsch, J. & Glasgow, J.
Competitive Effectiveness Spring 2017 GuerrieriBusinessVSB 2020Clark, K.
Competitive Effectiveness Spring 2017 IkeaBusinessVSB 2020Bang, H.K.
Competitive Effectiveness Spring 2017 Johnson & JohnsonBusinessVSB 2020Bang, H.K.
Competitive Effectiveness Spring 2017 Reckitt BenckiserBusinessVSB 2020Cho, Y.
Competitive Effectiveness Spring 2017 VanguardBusinessBSB 2020Drago, R.
Economics of HealthcareEconomics and StatisticsEco 4200-003Rissell
Employment LawHuman Resources DevelopmentHRD 8215Francesca, A.
Global Practicum South AfricaBusinessMBA 8920-002Chaudhry, P.
HR Metrics and Statistical ResearchHuman Resources DevelopmentHRD 8006Ksenak; Bush
Marketing ResearchMarketing and Business LawMKT 2197Bennett, A.
Classical DramaturgyTheatreTHE 7120-001Phillips, C.
Qualitative Research in CommunicationCommunication4001-001Bowen, S
CompensationHuman Resources DevelopmentHRD 8212-001Lirio, D.
Consumer Psychology for Optimum Business SolutionsBusinessMBA 8649-004Kozup, J.
Corporate Regulation and ResponsiblitiyBusinessVS 2007Walters, D.
Criminal Justice Research Methods and StatisticsCriminal JusticeCRM 5200Arvanites, T.
Justice & SocietyCriminal JusticeCRM 3001Arvanites, T.
Searching Journals in CriminologyCriminal JusticeCJ 1000Arvanites, Thomas
Senior Seminar in Theory and ResearchCriminal JusticeCRM 6500Welch, K.
Depicting Disability in LiteratureEnglishENG 1975 - 001, 012Fattori, M.
African American Literature - LuckyEnglish2515C, Lucky
Earlier English LiteratureEnglish2101-001Shohet, L.
Faulkner and Morrison - Lucky & LutesEnglishHon 4690Lucky & Lutes
Harlem Renaissance and the Black Arts MovementEnglishENG 1975Bonds, E.
Honors ACS Shakespeare AssignmentAugustine and Culture SeminarHON 1000Staples, C.
JournalismEnglish2020J. Ross
Literary Experience - VelezEnglishENG 1050Velez, C.
The Literary ExperienceEnglish1050-02Fattori, M.
Ways of ReadingEnglish2250-001 Mullen, M.
Geo. of a Globalizing WorldGeography and the EnvironmentGEV 1002-001/002Henderson, B.
Population GeographyGeography and the EnvironmentGEV 2300Henderson, B.
Global Business ManagementManagement and OperationsMGT 2350Chaudhry, P.
Global Political EconomyEconomics and StatisticsEco 3108 & MBA 8740Wolnicki, M.
Global Practicum DomesticBusiness8920-001Reaves, J.
Growing into SustainabilityGeography and the EnvironmentGEV 3000Armon, C. & Stehl, W.
Ancient EmpiresHistoryHIS 1250Diamond, K.
Civil War & ReconstructionHistoryHIS 2181Giesberg, J.
Contemporary ArtArt HistoryAAH 2009Sullivan, M.
Global Environmental HistoryHistoryHIS 1065-001Rosier, P.
HIS 1150 Transatlantic Revolutions - Ricci
History Through TravelHistoryHIS 1165-005Varias, A.
Interpreting ArtArt HistoryAAH 4010Sullivan, M.
Investigating U.S. HistoryHistoryHIS 2000Talley, G.
Modern ArchitectureArt HistoryAAH 2005Sullivan, M.
Seminar in Historical MethodologyHistoryHIS 5501-001Kerrison, C.
Sex & Gender in the Ancient WorldHistoryHIS 3095-001Diamond, K.
The Great War in EuropeHistoryHIS 5001Johnson, J.
Transatlantic RevolutionsHistoryHIS 1150-001Ricci, E.
U.S. Foreign Relations, 1914-PresentHistoryHIS 8062Gallicchio, M.
Integrated Marketing CampaignsMarketing and Business LawMKT 4132-001Vallen, B.
International MarketingMarketing and Business LawMKT 2280Higgins-McFadden, L.
Managing in Latin AmericaManagement and OperationsMGT 2208-001Brooks, L.
Marketing ManagementBusiness, Marketing and Business LawMKT 2375Drago, R.
Marketing ResearchMarketing and Business LawMKT 2197Bennett, A.
Mobile Device ProgrammingComputing SciencesCSC 5930-001Dougherty, E, Klassner, F. Metzger, S.
Cervantes: Novelas EjenplaresRomance Languages and LiteraturesSPA 7440Peraita, C.
Chinese Language ResourcesGlobal Interdisciplinary StudiesCHI 1112Huang, S.
Intermediate & Advanced JapaneseGlobal Interdisciplinary StudiesJPN 1121-22 & 1131-32Hamada, M.; Walsh, K.
Introductory JapaneseGlobal Interdisciplinary StudiesJPN 1111-1112Walsh, K.
Japanese Culinary CultureGlobal Interdisciplinary StudiesJPN 2144Hamada, M.
Japanese FilmGlobal Interdisciplinary StudiesJPN 2102Hamada, M.
Portuguese LanguageRomance Languages and LiteraturesPOR 1112/1122Mann, C.
Spanish Conversation & CompositionRomance Languages and LiteraturesSPA 1131
Spanish Research SeminarRomance Languages and LiteraturesSPA 3970Julia, M.
Clinical EthicsNursingNUR 8964Ott, B. ; Mendez, J.
Organization TheoryPublic AdministrationMPA 8002Jacobs
Part and Whole - BakerRomance Languages and LiteraturesFrench 3412Baker, B.
Ethical Traditions and Contemporary LifeEthicsETH 2050Sarah-Vaughan Brakman
Knowledge, Reality, SelfPhilosophyPHI 1000
Philosophy and FilmPhilosophyPHI 4150-001Rockhill
Decision MakingPublic AdministrationMPA 8100 - 030Miltenberger, L.
Genocide and Mass KillingPolitical Science6900-002Dixon, J.
Public PolicyPublic AdministrationPA 2000-001Miltenberger, L.
Research SeminarPolitical Science1900Lahiri, S.
Foundations of Modern PsychologyPsychologyPSY 5150-001Kurtz, J.
Research Methods in PsychologyPsychologyPSY 2050Herbers
Applied Research in SociologySociologySOC 5400Jones, B.
Social ProblemsSociologySOC 1500Meloney, K.
Strategic Thinking & ImplimentationBusiness, Management and OperationsVSB 4002Glasgow, J.
Sustainability SeminarGeography and the Environment, HistoryGEV 3001Galgano, F.; Rosier, P.
VSB Fellows OrientationBusiness


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