Good Places to Start

Market research reports and statistics on industries (fashion, apparel & retail) consumers and marketing techniques and trends.


GMID (Euromonitor)

Social Media

EMarketer An aggregator of reports and data about global digital marketing.

Gartner Group Intraweb  is a leading information technology research provider. Gartner offers market statistics and forecasts for hardware, software, communications, IT services and semiconductors. Additionally there are reports and case studies by IT topic and by industry. Subscription courtesy of Villanova UNIT.  Our subscription does NOT include access to all reports.

Our Catalog Thank's to Prof Karson's active interest in recommending books for the Falvey collection, you will find many books on using social media for marketing.

Pew Internet & American Life  Social science research and informed presentation on how the Internet including Web 2.0 is changing how we live and do business.

The Target Market

Pew Research:  The Millennials

PsychInfo Find research on consumer behavior and developmental psychology to better understand your target market

Dissertations and Theses Full Text  Amazing how many PHD's study millennials and Gen Y!

The Fashion Industry

WWD (Women's Wear Daily) The longstanding bible for the fashion industry.  The online website requires a subscription for full access.  Use one of the library databases.


Garance Dore  THE fashion blog



ToBe Report  Subscription Required for much content.


Surveys & Focus Groups

The following resources will help you design an effective consumer survey.  Most of these resources were found by searching the Falvey Memorial Library Catalog for subject terms such as "social surveys" or "focused group interviewing".  These aren't necessarily the best resource they are just a random sample!

Handbook of Online Marketing Research

Handbook for Focus Group Research

Survey Research Methods

How to Conduct Surveys a Step by Step Guide

Focus Groups a Practical Guide for Applied Research

Encyclopedia of Survey Research Methods

Sage Encyclopedia of Qualitative Research Methods

For a plausable estimate of the cost of developing a mobile application you may need to write app specifications and  contact web application developers for estimates, alternately you may estimate the professional hours needed to develop an application and find out the going rate for talent in your area or you can rely on current secondary reports in well respected trade journals such as Mashable or Computer Weekly