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Competitive Effectiveness: Campbell's

Catagory Analysis

Bring youself up to speed by starting with a market or industry report.  These secondary research tools define catagories (sometimes not precisely as you would wish), estimate market size and growth potential, describe the competitive forces impacting the industry and identify key players. 

Don't forget to take advantage of the links to trade news and associations to learn about the most recent developments.

Hint:  Prepared Meals or Packaged Food are relevant catagories.


  Euromonitor (Passport)

  IBIS World

  Mintel Reports

  Global New Products Database (Mintel)
Browse the categories and insights sections. Search to find new products and their attributes in the category. Also helpful for brand analysis.

Update Catagory Analysis

Once you have a relevant industry report, you will need to get current information by searching trade & business news and by scoping out the trade assocaitons.  Market research reports often name important trade associations.  If you don't know the names of relevant trade associations, search the Encyclopedia of Associatons:  National

  Business Source Premier (EBSCO)

  ABI/INFORM Complete (ProQuest)

Competitor Analysis

The first step in the competitor analysis is to choose relevant competitors.  The industry reports and news you've accessed in the category analysis should provide insight into firms competing in your defined market. 

You can also use company screeners but they tend to focus only on publicly traded companies and may not offer the granularity you need about products and services as they typically focus on financial firm attributes. 

Use Global New Product Development database or scan supermarket shelves to identify competing brands and brand owners.

Once you have identified potential competitors reading company profiles and reports (see this of databases below) will be helpful.  Don't neglect looking over 10K's or annual reports for public companies. 

Just as you updated industry reports with news, do so for the competitor analysis.

 Company Reports

The 10K (domestic) and 20F(foreign) filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission form the backbone of many company profiles as they describe the business operations, strategy, risks and provide financials. Search limited to company name.

  Emerging Markets Information Service (EMIS)
Before you can get company information, you much choose a country, then use the Company tab and user the screener

  Lexis-Nexis Company Dossier
Find a company or screen for a company across the many data sources licensed by Lexis-Nexis.

  MarketLine Company Profiles
Simple search by name. Covers both U.S. and foreign companies in a wide range of industries. Typically reports are 15-20 pages and provide a description of the business, company history, key personnel, products and services and competitors.

  Mergent Online
Provides 15 years of detailed financial statements for traded international and U.S. companies. Enables customized viewing and output to retrieve company reports and financials into software applications such as Word, Excel or Adobe, and enables accurate cross-border searches using a variety of financial and text variables. LIMITED TO 4 SIMULTANEOUS USERS.

  Mergent WebReports
Features the full text of all of Mergent / Moody's Corporate Manuals from 1909 to the present. Once you enter the database select the option for "Corporate Manuals" and begin your search. Good for historical background.

  Morningstar Investment Research Center
Morningstar offers a screener and financial analysts reports on covered companies.

  NetAdvantage (Standard & Poor's, Capital IQ)
Profiles for public companies include discussion of stock performance, governance issues, strategy and outlook.  Screener also available.

  D&B Global Business Browser (formerly Onesource/Avention)
Offers public and private company profiles and screener, industry market research reports from Marketline, Freedonia, Euromonitor and RMA updated with recent news, executive profiles and analyst reports.

Onesource module provides reports in-depth reports on large US and foreign firms.  US Business module provides contact info, location, credit rating and more for many small firms. 

Search American Firms Operating in Foreign Countries and Foreign Firms Operating in the United States directories.

  Value Line Investment Survey
Designed to help investors analyze and select stocks by performing a broad range of functions including sorting, filtering (screening), graphing and reporting on individual stocks and groups of stocks.

Brand Analysis

Much of the qualitative assessment of the brand will come from searching the trade news sources.

You may also want to look at how the brands stack  up against each other in terms of advertising spending, consumer surveys and web metrics. 

Market research reports usually provide data on brand share.

Social Bakers Get analytics on facebook, YouTube & Twitter presence by brand

Alexa Get web analytics

Quantcast Get web analytics

SimilarWeb Get web analytics

Ad$Summary Find out how much brands spend by media

MarketShare Reporter  Short cut to market share reported in various publications

Business Ranking Annual Short cut to business rankings reported in various publications

Interbrand Best Global Brands 2012

America's Greatest Brands

Customer Analysis

Once you have defined your target market the following tools may be used to gather demographic, geographic and behavioral information about it. Mintel or MarketResearch.com usually provide good insights into the nature of consumers.

Social research organizations (for example PewResearch.com) and other marketers often publish facts and observations about target markets.  Before you use these sources, check out their reputation, quality and credibility.  For help with this task or suggestions on reliable sources contact linda.hauck@villanova.edu

Search for articles about consumer behavior and attitudes in academic article databases

Search and browse the EASI market module for demographic, consumer spending, lifestyle and media consumption attributes

  ESRI Business Analyst Online
Use this simple geographic information system (GIS) platform to find demographic, expenditure, and market segmentation data.

  MRI University Internet Reporter
Query the Internet Reporter for national consumer survey responses.

  Social Explorer
Nice interface for getting Census data.

  Business Source Premier (EBSCO)
Academic articles about consumer behavior and attitudes.

  PsycINFO (ProQuest)
Academic articles about consumer behavior and attitudes.

Marketing Plan

Crafting an integrated marketing plan is primarily a creative project.  Nontheless, expect to be able to defend your marketing recommendations by referring to studies and cases evaluating similar techniques.  You can find "how to", practitioner advice and rigerous reseach on marketing topics in books and articles discoverable in the following databases

Encyclopedia of Major Marketing Strategies

Shopper Marketing & the Role of In-Store Marketing

  Catalog at Falvey
We have a good collection of ebooks on marketing and advertising topics

Case studies, news and data on global marketing and advertising.

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