Read industry reports and market research reports to gain a basic understanding of how your target category operates, who the major players are, what competitive forces come into play and how heavily the industry is regulated.  There may not be a industry or market research report that exclusively focuses on your product category.  Reports that are broader in scope or adjacent may still provide useful insights.  

Some terms relevant to the Comcast xFi Pods include wifi extender, connected home, smart home, and more broadly consumer electronics, internet of things or communication/telecommunications equipment.

Update industry and market research reports by searching business news.

Trade and professional associations are another good way to learn about developments in a particular category.  Some limit access to members, but almost all provide publically facing analysis about the advocacy work they do.  Industry reports often list important associations.  You can also find them by doing a google search for the keywords + association 


  Gartner  Limitations on Use
Features analyses, forecasts, and market statistics on IT products and services.
Subscription courtesy of Villanova UNIT.

  Euromonitor (Passport)

  Mintel Insights & Analytics  Limitations on Use
Offers product and industry market research reports covering U.S. and international marketplaces. Each report combines data and analysis of the competitive landscape, supply chain, market-share size and trends, and consumer profiles. Analytics advance search monitors new product activity in consumer packaged goods markets worldwide.

Provides access to U.S. and global industry market research reports.

Provides curated compilations of statistics and data without much of the analysis expected from an industry report.

customer analysis

Market research reports published on categories or customer groups are a great place to begin the customer analysis.  Census data and commercial surveys are also information rich.

  Catalyst MRI Simmons  Tutorial
Provides access to the results of a National Consumer Study (most recent studies embargoed) encompassing demographics, lifestyle statements, and consumer behaviors. Supports the creation of custom cross tabulations or quick reports.

  Explore Census Data

  Data-Planet (Sage)

  ESRI Business Analyst Online  Tutorial  Access Instructions
Provides geographic analysis tools. Includes demographic, consumer spending, and business data.
Access courtesy of the Department of Geography & the Environment.

  Pew Research : Internet & American Life
Independent research on the social impact of the internet.

  Statista Global Consumer Survey Guide
Offers step by step instructions for querying the Global Consumer Survey.

Offers data and reports related to digital marketing. Topics include advertising spending, digital marketing, social media, media usage, e-commerce, email marketing, and device usage. Coverage is global.

competitor Analysis

Competitors will likely be included with the client presentation, in market research reports, the business news and web searching.  

The competitor SWOT analysis should strike a balance between evaluating the parent company and particular product services.  For parent company analysis use the databases listed below, the company web sites, social media, and SEC filings.  Note D&B Hoovers and Marketline often include company SWOT analysis.

For a SWOT analysis on the product/service level do a deep dive into the product/service web sites, social media and business news.

  D&B Hoovers

  MarketLine Company Profiles (EBSCO)

  Mergent Online  Limitations on Use

  NetAdvantage (Standard & Poor's Capital IQ)

  Morningstar Investing Center

marketing Plan

Use the databases below to find best practices, benchmarks and cases to support your marketing plan.

Offers information on global advertising and marketing trends including case studies, articles, reports, opinion pieces, and expenditure data. Formerly known as World Advertising Research Center.

  Falvey Book Search
Search for practice oriented ebook on marketing approaches.

  Advertising Insights (Kantar Media)

Offers data and reports related to digital marketing. Topics include advertising spending, digital marketing, social media, media usage, e-commerce, email marketing, and device usage. Coverage is global.

  Catalyst MRI Simmons  Tutorial
Find out which media to reach your target customer on.

  Advertising Age Datacenter (AdAge)  Access Instructions
Features news, reports, and statistics about the advertising industry.

Business News

  ABI/INFORM Collection (ProQuest)

  Business Source Premier (EBSCO)

  Factiva (Dow Jones)
The trial ends 9/30!

  Nexis Uni  Limitations on Use