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Competitive Effectiveness McNeil

Marketing Terms Refresher?

Blackwell Encyclopedia Dictionary of Marketing

Subjects & Keywords

Use these to look for on point books, articles and reports.

sports sponsorship

corporate sponsorship

event marketing

sports marketing



return on investment

rate of return

brand equity

brand name products

brand loyalty

online social networks

internet marketing


Advertising, Outdoor

Out of Home Advertising



ABI Inform

Business Source Premier

Business Full Text

Communication & Mass Media Complete

Communication Abstracts


Market Research Reports



Sports Business Research Network Works best with Internet Explorer

GMID (Euromonitor)

Demographics & Lifestyle

SRDS Use the Local Market Audience Analyst, Tutorial Works best with Internet Explorer

MRI University Internet Reporter Works best with Internet Explorer

American women: who they are and how they live

Digital Marketing

Gartner Group Intraweb

eMarketer Trial Database available until Febuary 19th

Pew Internet & American Life

Delicious Tags (Linda Hauck's) Internet_metrics Marketing_metrics

Advertising Spending

Ad$Summary Spending by product and channel

SRDS Cost of advertising in print sources and directory of other advertising media. Only works with IE.

Search for mentions in trade publications such as Advertising Age.

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Important Enough To Browse

IEG Sponsorship.com Register and some reports available free

Sports Marketing Quarterly Scholarly journal

Sports Industry News News releases only

Books on order

Two handbooks on sponsorship were ordered for Falvey.  We hope to have them available on Reserve by Febuary 19th.  Check back then.

IEG Guide to Sponsorship

IEG Return on Sponsorship

Due Diligence

Not all information sources are created equal.  You will be expected to do due diligence on the sources you rely on.  This means you should investigate and analyse the research you use.

  • Research the authors credentials and expertise in area by searching for degrees, certifications and other publications.
  • Research the reputation of the issueing agency or author by searching for news organizations that cite or rely on the source.
  • Analyse the document internally.  Are data sources documented?  Are methods for gathering data and analysing it described?
  • Ascertain the financial health and longevity of the organization by checking business directories.
  • Find another source that restates or supports data provided.  Can your source be corroborated?




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