Market Research Reports

GMID (Euromonitor)



The Consumer (Millennials & Generation Y)

SRDS Local Market Audience Analyst  Aggregator of consumer survey data

MRI+ Univeristy Internet Reporter  National and regional consumer survey data

Pew Research Center:  Millennials  Report by a well respected social science research organization.

American Generations  Current edition on order.

A-Z Guide to American Consumers  An index to reliable demographic statisitcs on the web.

American Factfinder Basic demographic data.

Don't forget to mine market research reports and search business and psychology literature to better understand your target market.  These terms may be useful to search: millennials, generation Y, youth, emerging adulthood, twentysomething.

Surveys & Focus Groups

The following resources will help you design an effective consumer survey.  Most of these resources were found by searching the Falvey Memorial Library Catalog for subject terms such as social surveys or focused group interviewing.  These aren't necessarily the best resource they are just a random sample!

Handbook of Online Marketing Research

Handbook for Focus Group Research

Survey Research Methods

How to Conduct Surveys a Step by Step Guide

Focus Groups a Practical Guide for Applied Research

Encyclopedia of Survey Research Methods

Sage Encyclopedia of Qualitative Research Methods

Free (or low cost) Web Survey Tools



Design & Packaging

Global New Product Development  Use this database of new packaged goods gathered by attendence at trade shows, new product announcements and researchers scouring the trade literature as well as examining shelves to learn about the competition.

GlobalADsource Register for basic access which only supports viewing thumbnails of ads.  Also available via Lexis Nexis. 

TESS This is a database of logos and trademarks registered with the United States Patent Office.  Check this to make sure your logo or tradename is available.

Look for these books on Reserve



SRDS Media Solutions Suite of directories for media planners with in traditonal channels.

Ad$Summary  Reference work with historical ad spending by brand.

e-Marketer  Database bringing together statistics and reports on digital marketing.

Advertising Red Book Traditional directory of advertising agencies

Business Literature

Use these databases to find articles and studies in trade and academic publications. 

ABI Inform

Business Source Premier

Business Full Text

Dissertation and Theses There are some surprising gems in this database, so ignore it at your own risk.

MedLine  Not only medical literature, but covers business aspects of medicine and pharmaceutical industry.

Pharmaceutical News Index (Proquest)  Fairly annoying because you have to use the FindIt button every time.

PsychInfo Index to literature on developmental psychology

The Market

Consumer Expenditure Survey How much do millennials spend on nonpresciption drugs?

Lexis-Nexis Statistical  How common is the common cold? How long do chest colds last?

Market Share Reporter What are the top cold remedy brands?

Miscellaneous Resources

Food & Drug Administration  Use the resource to learn about labling and regulation of the OTC drug market.

Brand Planning for the Pharmaceutical Industry On Reserve

PDR for Nonprescription drugs, Dietary Supplements and Herbs Learn about active ingredients and dosages for competing products.

UpToDate  Authoritative clinical information on treatment of cold and cough

Healthcare Distribution Management Association