Market Research Reports

Search from market research reports on OTC pain relievers and analgesics


GMID Euromonitor


The Product

Global New Product Development  See recently introduced new products, their packages, ingredients, claims and price.

PDR for Nonprescription Drugs

The Target Market

Pew Research:  The Millennials

PsychInfo Find research on consumer behavior and developmental psychology to better understand your target market

Dissertations and Theses Full Text  Amazing how many PHD's study millennials and Gen Y!

MRI+ Internet Reporter Search results of a consumer survey.  Be sure to use Explorer browser.

MedLine Search for articles about health concerns and conditions.

Surveys & Focus Groups

The following resources will help you design an effective consumer survey.  Most of these resources were found by searching the Falvey Memorial Library Catalog for subject terms such as social surveys or focused group interviewing.  These aren't necessarily the best resource they are just a random sample!

Handbook of Online Marketing Research

Handbook for Focus Group Research

Survey Research Methods

How to Conduct Surveys a Step by Step Guide

Focus Groups a Practical Guide for Applied Research

Encyclopedia of Survey Research Methods

Sage Encyclopedia of Qualitative Research Methods

Free (or low cost) Web Survey Tools




SRDS Media Solutions Suite of directories for media planners with in traditonal channels.

Ad$Summary  Reference work with historical ad spending by brand.

e-Marketer  Database bringing together statistics and reports on digital marketing.

Advertising Red Book Traditional directory of advertising agencies


U.S. Food & Drug Administration


Business News & Scholarly Research

Search these databases for news and research on buyer behavior, new products, industry developments and trends in marketing.

Our Catalog

Business Source Premier

Business Full Text

ABI Inform

Pharmaceutical News Index (Proquest)