Marketing Trends & Techniques


To get started you will want to understand trends in retail specialty clothing stores, and about marketing to 15 to 25 year olds.  Explore reports in the Demographics and Consumer Goods categories.

Mintel Browse Lifestyle and Retail & Apparel reports

eMarketer  Aggregator of reports and statistics on digital marketing.

GMID Euromonitor Statistics and reports on markets and consumer segments.

Pew Research Center Millenials Report  Highly respected social science research center's investigation into the collective personality of teens and twenty somethings.

Higher Education Research Institute  Well respected surveys of college students attitudes.


Search our scholarly business and trade business article databases.  Look for articles about marketing to your target market.  Further become familiar with trends in the apparel industry. 

Business Full Text

Business Source Premier

ABI Inform

Business & Industry

Emerald Browse the Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management.

PsychInfo  Provides excellent access to research on consumer behavior and developmental psychology to help understand your target market.

Dissertations and Theses Full Text  Amazing how many PHD's study millennials and Gen Y!

Market & Company SWOT Research

Your SWOT analysis will necessarily include research on American Eagle Outfitters, and their competitors.  Company reports written by outside analysts, the company 10K filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission and trade news are all excellent sources.  Search all of the below by company name or ticker.


Securities and Exchange Commission Company Search Read the business, risk and managment discussion sections of the filing.

Datamonitor Company Report  These reports written by independent researchers will be particularly helpful as they include SWOT analyses.

MergentOnline Nice company overviews with a financial focus.  Easy to use links to recent news thrown in for convenience. 

ReferenceUSA Less robust company overview than Mergent.  Links to different recent news make this source worthwhile.

Morningstar Another financial report, particularly useful for the analysts forward looking assessment.

Lexis-Nexis Company Dossier  the company profile accompanied by news.


In addition to the news links ReferenceUSA, Lexis-Nexis and Mergent, you'll do well to search the following databases for trade, magazine and news reports.

Google News Business Search Bloomberg, Reuters, Wall Street Journal and regional business news.  Archived articles not all available

ABI Inform Trade journals such as Women's Wear Daily, or Apparel or popular magazines such as Seventeen or Cosmpolitian may provide useful insight in addition to basic business news. Search by Company/Organization.

Business Source Premier  Search by Company Entity.  More trade magazines such as AdWeek and Apparel Magazine

Lexis-Nexis Academic Search news and industry files.

Surveys & Focus Groups

The following resources will help you design an effective consumer survey.  Most of these resources were found by searching the Falvey Memorial Library Catalog for subject terms such as social surveys or focused group interviewing.  These aren't necessarily the best resource they are just a random sample!

Handbook of Online Marketing Research

Handbook for Focus Group Research

Survey Research Methods

How to Conduct Surveys a Step by Step Guide

Focus Groups a Practical Guide for Applied Research

Encyclopedia of Survey Research Methods

Sage Encyclopedia of Qualitative Research Methods

Music Stategy Research

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Your assignment is a practical one, but solving real word problems can often best be achieved by applying insights gained throught scholarly research. Pop Brands and Guide to Sponsorship are on reserve in Falvey. To find additional books such as these search our catalog and the article databases listed.  Try these subject terms: 


corporate sponsorship

popular music social aspects

music and youth

music trade

experiencial marketing


Search for articles on using music in marketing or college students attitudes toward music.

ABI Inform

Business Source Premier

Communication & Mass Media Complete

Communication Abstracts

RILM Abstracts of Music Literature

Some Secondary Sources on Music Preferences

RAB Radio Marketing Guide  Be judicious in your use of the Radio Advertising Bureau data.  What are their biases?  What data provided is likely to be objective?

Statistical Datasets View this video to see how to access radio format preferences by region.

Nielson Company and Billboard's 2010 Music Industry Report (summariezed in Business Wire)  Note that Soundscan a Nielson Co product is the official tracking source for music sales.  The library does not have access to their database.

Browse music trade magazines, assocations and web sites


Billboard and BillBoard Biz

Entertainment Weekly



The Fader


MySpace Music

American Association of Independent Music