Industry Overviews

Industry reports are typically broad in scope encompassing the activities of firms that operate in entire economic sectors.

Market Insight Standard & Poor's Industry Surveys.  Browse the Industry tab for reports on Retail Drugs and Pharmaceuticals and any others that may be on point.

ReferenceUSA is an aggregator for industry analysis providers such as Freedonia, Datamonitor and the US government.  Select International Business and choose Industry tab to browse or search.

PHARMA Industry Report

Market Research 

Market research reports are narrower in focus than are industry overviews.  They may focus on a particular product or service catagory, marketing technique or demographic.

Global Market Information Database (Euromonitor) Reports include trends, prospects and data.  Browse the Industry tab to identify reports. Reports focus on the US products and services and consumer groups such as tweens, economy shoppers or the urban chic consumer.

Mintel Reports

Demographics & Psychographics

In addition to market research reports, broad based secondary consumer surveys can be used to learn about target markets. 

MRI+ University Internet Reporter  Search the product database to learn more about the characteristics of pain relief consumers.  For instructions on searching MRI+ and reading the results, see this guide.

SRDS Local Market Audience Analyst Must use Explorer for this database.

Roper Center for Public Opinion Research  Must register at first use with Villanova email

Polling the Nation


SRDS Media Solutions  Estimate advertising costs for print, broadcast, out of home and interactive outlets.

MRI+ University Internet Reporter Estimage advertising costs for consumer magazines only.

Ad$Summary Multimedia Discover historical advertising spending by brand across media

Ad$Summary Internet Discover historical advertising spending by brand on the internet.

MarketingVDox Blog that follows news and reports on online advertising

comScore Digital marketing metrics firm that makes summaries of many reports available for free

Global New Product Development Use this database to research claims about new entrants and product extensions.  See packaging and price points.

Consumer Expenditures

Consumer Expenditure Survey From the Bureau of Labor Statistics provides annual statistics on expenditures by demographic groups for product annually.

Articles and Books

For discussion of legal and ethical considerations around marketing, research into consumer behavior, and marketing practices and strategies, search the books and articles indexed in the following sources


Business Source Premier

Business Full Text

Dissertations & Theses Full text scholarly work across the disciplines.

Lexis/Nexis Articles on legal and regulatory matters

MedLine Articles on pharmacology.

PsycInfo Articles about attitudes, perceptions and behaviors

Villanova Catalog  Books at your disposal


Food & Drug Administration Office of Nonprescription Drugs

Citing Your Sources

Knowing how to cite a simple book or article usually isn't enought for business researchers.  You will likely need to site resources such as technical reports or data sets. 

The generic form for a research report is similar to citing a book:

Author, Initials (year) Title of Report (Report # if provided). Location:  Publisher or website URL or digital object identifier.

The generic form for a raw data set is as follows:

Rightsholder. (year) Data Title. Retrieved from URL  or location and name of data producer.

APA Style  An online tutorial to APA style

Research & Documentation Online A guide book to citing the most common resources.

Citing Business Databases in APA Style by Steve Cramer

Concise Rules of APA Style The authority!  But not online.

Due Diligence

Not all information sources are created equal.  You will be expected to do due diligence on the sources you rely on.  This means you should investigate and analyse the research you use.

  • Research the authors credentials and expertise in area by searching for degrees, certifications and other publications.
  • Research the reputation of the issueing agency or author by searching for news organizations that cite or rely on the source.
  • Analyse the document internally.  Are data sources documented?  Are methods for gathering data and analysing it described?
  • Ascertain the financial health and longevity of the organization by checking business directories.
  • Find another source that restates or supports data provided.  Can your source be corroborated?