Market Research Reports

Search for lifestyle reports based on age cohort, income group and by technology.

Mintel Oxygen

Gartner Group Intraweb

Advertising & Consumer Profiles

MRI + University Internet Reporter and Simmons conduct national consumer surveys to learn about buying habits, consumer attitudes and media use. Use Internet Explorer, not Firefox, with these resources.

MRI+ University Internet Reporter See a tutorial on interpreting results and conducting searches.

SRDS Select Local Market Audience Analyst

Demographic Resources

American Factfinder  The Census Bureau remains a great source for data on income.

SRDS The Local Market Analyst module is worth exploring for consumer demographics

Statistical Datasets Lexis-Nexis The EASI module can be used to geographically map income levels and identify consumer segments on a granular level.


Search our catalog for "online social networks" "internet marketing"  "internet advertising" "facebook" "Youtube" and "social media." These are some on point titles:

MySpace Marketing (2009)

Mobil Advertising (2008)

Magic Numbers for Consumer Marketing: Key Measures to Evaluate Marketing Success

Word of Mouth Marketing (1991)

Online Consumer Psychology (2005)


Browse these on target publications

Journal of Financial Services Marketing

Journal of Interactive Marketing

Search these databases for articles about social media risks, measurement and competitors practices.

ABI Inform

Business Full Text

Business Source Premier

Mutual Fund Industry

Morningstar Research and rating service for mutual funds and ETFs.

Mutual Fund Classes Guide by the SEC on types of funds and the regulatory environment

Investment Company Institute Trade association for investment companies and mutual funds.