Category Analysis

Bring yourself up to speed by starting with a market or industry report.  These secondary research tools define catagories (sometimes not precisely as you would wish), estimate market size and growth potential, describe the competitive forces impacting the industry and identify key players.

Don't forget to take advantage of the links to trade news and associations to learn about the most recent developments.

You may need to search simply wine, vintners, wineries, wine bars, retail alcoholic beverages. You can search these databases by keywords.

Many industry reports are organized by NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) the relevant codes for this project are 44531 for wine stores, 72241 for drinking places, 31212 for wineries and 42482 for wholesale wine sales



  Mintel Reports  Limitations on Use

  D&B Hoovers

  Passport (Euromonitor International)  Limitations on Use

  Global New Products Database (Mintel)  Limitations on Use
Search by category to see wines introduced in the U.S. market, their packaging and price points.

Books on the Wine Industry

Consider browsing these ebooks on the wine industry for background on how the industry operates.  These books have digital rights management attached to them so be kind to your fellow students, don't check them out, but download or copy vital chapters and logout.




Category Update

Update industry reports by browsing an searching trade journals and association web sites.  This is where you will find the latest trends, news about regulatory developments and hot topics

General business article databases such as ABI Inform and Business Source Premier bring together relevant articles from a wide range of publishers too.

Beverage Information & Insights Group Get highlights from market research studies.  Full text only available to members.

The Wine Institute Advocacy group for California winegrowers Trade publication for wine industry

Wine Spectator Consumer magazine all about wine.

Customer Analysis

Market research reports are rich sources for understanding consumer behavior around product categories.  Mintel and are particularly useful for understanding target customers such health conscious individuals.

MRI+ National Consumer Survey is not strong on psychographic data but it does provide reliable demographic and media consumption attributes for consumers. 

Scholarly research (discoverable through ABI Inform, Business Source Premier & PsycInfo)  on "consumer behavior" "consumer attitudes" purchasing or "decision making" may not always be timely but it is typically reliable. 

If you use market research found on the free web, do due diligence to make sure the research is high quality.  You can use some well recognized social science research organizations such as Pew as a model.

ESRI (contact for access) offers demographic data and a proprietary market segmentation scheme called Tapestry.

You may find some very interesting results by googling.  Be discriminating about using reports that don't source data presented.  Whenever appropriate seek out underlying source data.  See Business Sources:  How to Evaluate Them Academic  Limitations on Use

  ESRI Business Analyst Online  Access Instructions
Provides geographic analysis tools. Includes demographic, consumer spending, and business data.
Access courtesy of the Department of Geography & the Environment.

  MRI University Internet Reporter

  PsycINFO (ProQuest)  Tutorial
Find articles about consumer behavior

  American FactFinder
Find demographic information from the Census

Laws & Regulations

Alcohol sales are generally regulated by states, necessitating researching laws and regulations on a state by state basis.  While you are not expected to give legal advice, these sources should provide some guidance as to relevant laws and regulations.  Federal authorities regulate imports and impose federal taxes as well.  These reliable and authoritative sources provide the guidance of regulation and taxation of wine in the U.S.

Tax Foundaton Facts & Figures 2016 (survey & ranking of state excise taxes on wine)

Alcohol Beverage Authorities in the U.S.

Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau Wine Page

In addition search the following legal databases for emerging laws concerning the sale of wine.

  Lexis Nexis Academic  Limitations on Use

  Google Scholar
Search for scholarly articles or use the radio button to search in cases only.

 Marketing Plan

Ad$pender (Kantar Media)
Creates custom reports on advertising expenditures across twelve media channels including TV, cable, magazines, newspapers, radio, and outdoor and internet displays on the level of industries, categories, brands, products, and advertisers going back to 2007.

Falvey Book Search

Offers information on global advertising and marketing trends including case studies, articles, reports, opinion pieces, and expenditure data. Formerly known as World Advertising Research Center.

Offers data and reports related to digital marketing. Topics include advertising spending, digital marketing, social media, media usage, e-commerce, email marketing, and device usage. Coverage is global.