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Current Issues in Economics: A Catholic Social Teaching Perspective

Catholic Social Teaching Resources

United States Conference of Bishops Catholic Social Teaching  Official resource page for U.S. Catholic Social Teaching.

Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church  Primary Vatican document.

Office for Social Justice (St. Paul & Minneapolis) A nicely done compendium of resources on Catholic Social Teaching in the U.S.

Caritas.org International federation of Catholic charitiable organizations.

Catalog Search our catalog for books with the subjects Church and social problems or Sociology, Christian or Christian sociology, Catholic Church or the phrase "social teaching" AND Catholic

Crafting a Topic

How do you know you are on the right track to a good topic? 

  • Your're curious about it.
  • Your topic can be phrased as a question.
  • You can find (sometimes with help) literature on the topic.
  • It is not too broad or too narrow.
  • It fits within the context of the course
  • You are willing to modify the topic depending on what you learn.

How can you refine your topic?

  • Time
  • Place
  • People
  • Method, theory or intellectual approach

Browse and search through your course materials, the library catalog, and article databases to get a feel for what questions are being asked about your topic and to see if there is an existing body of literature.  The following encyclopedias may be useful for gauging the feasibility of your topic, finding alternative keywords and identifying key authors. 

Encyclopedia of World Poverty

Encyclopedia of Environment and Society

Encyclopedia of Global Warming & Climate Change

New Catholic Encyclopedia

Blackwell Companion to Social Inequalities

Encyclopedia of Business Ethics & Society

Encyclopedia of Environmental Ethics and Philosophy

Literature Review


ATLA Religion Database

Catholic Periodical & Literature Index

Tips for Database Searching

  • Think for related terms and synonmys
  • Search from phrases in quotes
  • Search for root words with asterick*
  • Broaden search by using OR to search for synonmys or related terms
  • Narrow search by using AND to require inclusion of additional ideas
  • Use the Findit Button to get full text



OECD iLibrary

World Bank

IMF Statistics

Statistical Datasets Proquest

Finding Tools

Statistical Abstract of the United States

Statistical Insight Proquest




APA Citations

Research and Documentation Online

Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association


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