Financial Ratios

You may use the following sources to find financial ratios for publically traded companies.  Not all sources will have the calculated ratios over time that you need.  Some map only privide the underlying data points from the financial statements needed to calculate ratios.

  Morningstar Investing Center
Type company name or ticker in upper right search box. Choose Key Ratios, Scroll & choose Full Key Ratios Data, Choose from Profitability, Growth, Cash Flow, Financial Health and Efficiency Rations. Download time series to excel.

  Mergent Online  Limitations on Use
Search by company name or ticker symbol. Link to selected company, choose Company Financials tab, choose Ratios, choose reporting period (annual), choose # of years, download to Excel, profitability, liquidity, debt management, asset management and per share ratios.

  NetAdvantage (Standard & Poor's Capital IQ)
Search by company or ticker, select company, under Most Used (in left side column) choose Ratios, choose the period (annual) and orientation (most recent to left or right), download to Excel profitability, margin, asset turnover, short term liquidity, long term solvency, growth.

  D&B Hoovers
Search by the company name, be sure that you have selected the public parent. On the left hand column under Financials, select annual ratios to download time series for financial, efficiency, profitability, management effectiveness and valuation. The ratio comparison to the industry and sector may also be helpful.

Annual reports (10K filing)


All annual reports or 10K filings include "managements discussion and analysis."  This section will offer the firms perspective on financial performance. 

These reports are linked in Morningstar, Mergent Online, NetAdvantage & D&B Hoovers.  You can usually navigate to them on the free web by going to a public company's investor relations page.  You can also find them by searching the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission EDGAR database.



SWOT Analysis

To put together a SWOT analysis you will need to gather a fair amount of news and independent analysis about your target company.  D&B Hoovers (link in the ratios section of this guide), Marketline (link below), GlobalData in ABI Inform (linked below)  publish SWOT that you can use as starting points.  

  MarketLine Company Profiles (EBSCO)
Offers detailed reports on U.S. and foreign companies in a wide range of industries. These reports provide a description of the business, company history, key personnel, products, services, and competitors. MarketLine Industry Reports are available from the D&B Global Business Browser database.

  Global Data Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis

earnings calls & analysts reports

Earnings calls are web conferences held by companies when their quarterly financial results are reported.  During earnings calls company management explains their most recent financial performance and take questions from analysts and investors.

Analyst reports offer insights sometimes with buy/sell recommendations from financial professional usually brokerage firms selling the security. 

  Morningstar Investing Center
Morningstar offers independent financial analysis reports for many companies. Search by company name and link to Analysis tab.

  Seeking Alpha
Website that offers access to earnings conference call transcripts with free registration.

  Fair Disclosure Wire

Company News

Search for news published by independent sources..  Do not only rely on the press releases found in the news sections of investor relations pages.  

The databases listed in the financial rations section of this guide typically link to recent news about companies.

Search the databases below for additional business news.


  ABI/INFORM Collection (ProQuest)
Type in the company name, use the dropdown to the right to select company/organization. Limit results list by source type (newspaper, magazines) in the left column.

  Business Source Premier (EBSCO)
Type on company name, use dropdown to the right to limit to company entity. From the results list, limit by source type.