Company Presence

Identifying the location of a firms manufacturing facilities is not always straightforward.  Large public companies filing 10K's list foreign subsidiaries (many with names dissimilar from the parent company and without clear location identification), but determining the subsidiaries functions and location requires searching business directories or finding English language web sites for the firm of interest.  The most straightforward way to identify potential foreign manufacturing capability (if not facilities) is to identify the corporate patent and then get the corporate family for that parent.  This does not guarantee that a subsidiary manufacturing a specific biological has manufacturing capacity in a given country, but only indicates the likelihood that its parent does.  Check company web sites as they often refer to manufacturing facilities.  Check SEC filings (typically 10K or 20-F) for discussion of manufacturing facilities.

  • Use the Onesource module of ReferenceUSA or Lexis-Nexis Company search
  • Search by company name
  • Open the record for the parent company
  • If a parent is not listed, open a one of the related firms and try and identiy the parent by opening the corporate family.
  • Once you have the parent record open the corporate family, scan the list to identify manufacturing facilities in potential manufacturing sites. 
  • With the name and address you may search news, the web and additional business directories to find out the nature of the manufacturing at that location.

  Lexis Nexis Academic  Limitations on Use
Use the Get Company Info tool to find a parent company and link to the company hierarchy to identify subsidiaries operating in your target market

Find a Pharmaceutical Industry Report on Your Country

An industry report focused on your target country is likely to address issues related to availability of suitably trained talent, regulatory framework and local industry trends.

  EMIS Intelligence (Emerging Markets Information Service)
Choose your target country, select the Industry tab, expand the manufacturing industry and choose chemical

  U.S. Commercial Service Market Research Library
Free registration required. Obtain both Country Commercial Guides and more narrowly focused market research reports.


Global Pharmaceutical Reports

These  won't cover the particulars of regulatory schemas or labor availability, but they are a good place to start (if you haven't already!)

  NetAdvantage (Standard & Poor's Capital IQ)
Offers market information, company quotes, equity index information, industry information (including the S&P Industry Surveys), and economic data.


Overall Geographic/Economic/Regulatory Environment

Country profiles, rankings and doing business guides are all excellent sources to extract relevant data for analyzing potential business locations. 

  Economist Intelligence Unit
Features a single unified platform delivering country and regional reports and comparable data for over 200 countries. Politics, economics, the business environment and sector and industries are explained and forecasts presented. The data tab delivers time series on national accounts, monetary, demographic, trade, employment, debt & spending indicators to name a few.

  Global Edge
Global business knowledge site providing access to authoritative data from Michigan State University.

  Country Commercial Guides.

  HSBC/PWC Doing Business Abroad Guides
Guides cover business forms, taxation, accounting, trade and human resources.

Articles about Pharmaceutical Industry

These databases cover general business and medical topics, but you can use them to good effect to find both news and scholarship on the global pharmaceutical industry.

  MEDLINE (Thomson Scientific / ISI Web Services)

  ABI/INFORM Collection (ProQuest)

  Business Source Premier (EBSCO)

  Pharmaceutical News Index (ProQuest)

Miscellaneous Resources

FDA Import Program

GAO Testimony FDA Faces Challenges Overseeing the Foreign Drug Manufacturing Suppy Chain

Pharmaceutical Executive

Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers Association

International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufactures and Associations

Pharmweb Directory of International Government & Regulatory Bodies (may need to use Google translate)