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International Marketing & Trade

Get Started with a Market Report

If you need to size up the prospects for introducing a new toothpaste in a Latin American country, the most effiecient way to get up to speed is by looking at market reports. 

Keywords to search include oral care, dental hygiene, personal hygiene, toiletries

Classification codes to search:  NAICS 325611, SIC  2844, NACE 2452

ReferenceUSA Search the Onesource Module by (foreign markets)

U.S. Commercial Service Market Research Library (foreign markets) Dropdown menu select Consumer Goods, dropdown menu select toiletries, downdown region select Latin America.  This is a free resource that you must register for do download reports.

MarketResearch.com (USA Only)

Mintel (USA Only)

While OneSource has Datamonitor reports, the May 2011 Datamonitor report on the Toothpaste Market in Latin America is not included in our subscription.

Global Market Information Database (Euromonitor)

This is probably our best database for international marketing. It has both data and analysis on many goods and services across the globe.  The video (without audio) below demonstrates how to get a market report on oral care products in Mexico & Argentina.  It also shows how to get market size data with a forecast. 

Steps for finding analysis and data:

  1. Choose industry
  2. Choose catagory
  3. Choose geography
  4. Run search

Additonally, the consumer lifestyle profiles available by country and the dashboards that smartly map and graphy data are very helpful.

New Products in L.A. Markets

Use Global New Product Development to identify toothpastes recently introduced in your target market and learn about their attributes and price points.  Analyse your results to discover trends in packaging, companies, and claims.  The video (without audio) should get your started.  Before getting started create an account.

Trade News

Search the following database for trade news on toothpaste.


Business Source Premier

Business Full Text

Google News

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