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TOP: Emotion

Encyclopedias Relevant to Psychology of Emotion

These specialized encyclopedia's provide orientation to "your emotion" and usually include references worth exploring further.

  The Corsini Encyclopedia of Psychology
Navigating this e-book is not intuitive, but the articles are worth the trouble.  Browse by Topic, Open the chapter Cognitive, Emotional & Sensory Functions and browse the alphabetical list of emotions.

  Sage Reference Online
This collection of encyclopedias includes several specialized encyclopedias for psychology and counseling that cover emotions. The Encyclopedia of Human Relations will be most helpful, but you may search across all titles.


Our print collection has many books and chapters of books on point.  Search our catalog to find them.  An effective search will include your target emotion and psychology  or physiology or "mass media" or "popular culture."  Truncate root words with * and search for phrases in "quotes".


Research Articles

Because research articles are usually quite narrow in scope or focused, the biggest challenge you will encounter will be around selecting which articles to use.  Expect to read many full text articles that will not be incorporated into your paper and reference list and still many more abstracts of articles. 


  1. Limit your search to literature reviews to find comprehensive meta analysis of the research on your target emotion.
  2. To find research on cultural variations search for phrases such as "crosscultural differences" or "sociocultural factors"
  3. To find discussions of how the emotion is depicted ouside the academy, search for phrases such as "popular culture" or "mass media"
  PsycINFO (ProQuest)
Indexes journals, dissertations and some books in the fields of personality psychology, social psychology, educational psychology and more.
Practice advanced search features with the interactive PsycINFO Tutorial.

  PsycInfo guide
Steps to using PsycInfo to take advantage of its features.

  MEDLINE (Thomson Scientific / ISI Web Services)
Begin by searching for your target emotion in the MeSH Major Topics and then refine by MeSH qualifiers psychology or physiology.

Emotions in Popular Culture

Finding representations and discussions of emotions in popular culture will involve looking beyond the typical scholarly database.  In addition to searching for discussions of emotion in books and articles on mass media or popular culture you may also search the artifacts of popular culture. 

  Communication & Mass Media Complete (EBSCO)
Search this for scholarly discussion of the emotion in popular culture or mass media only.

  St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture

  Internet Movie Database
Directory and news on TV and feature films

Not sure if you would consider this database of images of collection worthy art to be popular culture...But you may search by keyword (emotion), date and region.

Popular Print & Web Sites

Search for discussions and treatments of emotion in magazines and newspapers freely available on the web or via the following subscription library databases.


  ProQuest Central

  Academic OneFile (Gale)

APA Style Help


  RefWorks Help

  Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association


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