Demographic Research

Learning about the population in a geographic market typically includes gathering data on the size of the population, income, gender, age, race and ethnicity. The following tools will provide this data.

American Community Survey  This Census Bureau project provides annual demographic estimates down to the county and school district level or use American Factfinder to get a profile on the zip code level

Statistical Datasets Lexis-Nexis  Provides nice mapping and graphing functionality for government and private sources.

Lifestyle Research

Consumer surveys typically provide detailed profiles of the behavioral characteristics.

MRI+ University Internet Reporter Use this data to learn about buying behaviors and media consumption preferences.

SRDS Local Market Audience Analyst Search the Lifestyle and PRIZM reports to gain an understanding of the interests and behavioral tendencies in geographic areas.

Industry and Market Research

Sports Business Research Network Get research statistics and articles by sports

Mintel Find market research reports by product catagory

Global Market Information Database (Euromonitor)  Find statistics on market size and brand share and reports detailing trends and the competitive landscape.

Gartner Group Intraweb Get research on technology markets by industry and topic.  Note that Villanova students do not have access to all content created by Gartner.