Market Research Reports

Market research reports are like well written encyclopedia articles, reading them can make you sound like you know what you're talking about.  But they're not all about good looks, they really do provide a good introduction to the key players, competitive forces and trends in a market.  Begin your research, but do not end your research with them.

Marketing Orientation


GMID Euromonitor

General Industry Reports

NetAdvantage Standard & Poor's Industry Surveys

Mergent Web Reports

ReferenceUSA OneSource

IBIS World (Trial until 3/7/2011)

Frost & Sullivan (Trial until 2/24/2011)

Consumer Surveys, Demographics & Lifestyles

To understand your target market, take advantage of national consumer surveys, publically available demographic data, and consumer segmention profiles.

MRI+ University Internet Reporter (Works best with Explorer browser)  Comsumer survey data

SRDS Local Market Audience Analyst (Works best with Explorer browser) Demographic and psychographic data.

Statistical Datasets (Lexis-Nexis) Demographic data and PRIZM segmention data.

Roper Poll Index to public opinion polls

American Factfinder  Portal to U.S. census of population and economy

Pew Research Center  A nonpartisan social science and public opinion research organization.

Advertising Costs

SRDS Standard Rate & Data Service Directory of consumer magazines, newspapers, out of home, and direct advertising outlets.

Advertising Age Data Center  Statistical data on ad spending.

Ad $ Summary Annual total spending by broad channel by brand

Gale Directory of Publications & Broadcast Media



Ads of the World

Cannes Lions


Ad Ag Advertising Century (historical)

Ad Access(historical)

Advertising Now. Online  Sorry it is really a print book


AdWeek Copywriting Handbook

Gabay's Copywriter's Compendium


Global New Product Development

Boxed and Labelled

Design Matters

Packaging Design

Trade News & Consumer Behavior Research

ABI Inform

Business Source Premier

Business Full Text


Dissertations & Theses Full Text

Communication & Mass Media Complete

Communication Abstracts


Advertising Red Book Directory of advertisers and advertising agencies

eMarketer Aggregator of reports, statistics, and interviews on digital marketing

Our Catalog Search it to find books on practical aspects of advertising & marketing

Advertising Age Encyclopedia of Advertising  We only have it in print.....